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Frontend posting – everything saves other than checkboxes?

I have a form on the frontend of WordPress which is saving all fields except a checkbox array. It displays and saves the correct values if I tick the boxes in the backend post editor, and the ticks show correctly on the front. However ticking a box on the frontend doesnt save! All other fields […]

order by meta_value serialized array

Hi I’m trying to pull posts using the wp query. Just one problem–I am trying to sort the posts alphabetically by a certain meta_value. Thing is that this meta_value is a serialized array. Is there an easy way to do this without having to unserialize it? Thanks! a:1:{i:0;a:1:{s:7:”people”;s:16:”Tanya Garca”;}} Btw, I cannot change the way […]

all tincymce's switch when updating page after changing from html to text in custom metabox

I have a custom metabox which uses wp_editor and when i switch to text editor instead of visual the main content tinymce also changes to text view when i update. I was wondering am i doing something wrong or is that normal behavoir for wordpress when creating a custom metabox and wp_editor? the code i […]

Move value of one custom field to another

I’ve one custom field named as “video” and I want to copy the custom field value to my another custom field named as “theme2035_embed.” I could do it manually, but since I have more than 2500 posts so it’s gonna consume a lot of time, it would be nice if someone could tell me a […]

Display custom post on home page based on a metabox selection

I am trying to display an post to my home page based on a selection. What I mean is in the backend I have a custom post that has a metabox labeled Assign to Home with a drop down that has a selection of Yes or No. What I am trying to do is when […]

Community and User Generated Content Website: Have been thinking about Drupal but leaning on WordPress heavily

I’m a non-programmer and run a food website (plain – jane Dreamweaver) along with a simple WordPress powered blog. I envisioned creating a food website that is both user powered (one can submit recipes, tips articles, photos etc) and also act as a mini social network (people can blog) – create profiles, make friends etc. […]

Best way to add custom / magic / flutter fields into RSS feed

Using WordPress 3, creating write panels with Magic Fields, how do I add custom fields to my RSS feed? For example, I have an ‘image of the day’ write panel, with a custom field for the photo credit. How can I include all that as part of my feed? Thanks.

WordPress Custom Field Should be Unique. Is it possible?

I have a custom field called “website_url”. It should be unique. Ex: If a author set “” as the custom field value as a post, “” can’t be used any other post. How to do it?

Call a custom field in an audio shortcode?

I’m attempting to call a custom field in an audio shortcode. The field I’m calling, enclosure, defines MP3 files that are associated with my respective posts. I’m using the PHP template editor in WordPress. Here’s what I have. <?php echo do_shortcode(”);?> I would like to insert the following code in place of the word “enclosure.” […]

How to add custom field to custom taxonomy in 4.4

I have a custom taxonomy for cities, and would like to have this available as a custom field to be able to access it using the iOS Workflow app. Considering the changes in 4.4 what should I do if I want to have a custom field for location to be able to use in the […]