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How to use media upload on metabox post page without breaking TinyMCE?

I’m using the following code for upload in multiple mextaboxes in a post or page admin section. Works for metaboxes but breaks the TinyMCE insert image. I want to know please how I can achieve this without breaking the TinyMCE. Off course the issue comes when I overwrite the windows.send_to_editor function. jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘.st_upload_button’).click(function() { […]

Importing WordPress Posts With Custom Meta Data As CSV Files Through PHPMyAdmin

I have been importing data records as posts with custom meta data directly into WordPress via the CSV Importer plugin. It works okay, however, there are some issues with it. Issues: 1) It takes countless hours to import massive amounts of records (I have spent dozens of hours importing about 5,000 records, and still have […]

Advanced Custom Fields WYSIWYG More tag

Before describing the problem, let me first tell that I have already searched on google, also read the ACF documentation, support, even asked on their support forum but it’s hard to get any kind of answer there. So the thing is I have this wysiwyg on a custom post type I made where I have […]

Using a custom field inside a shortocde

Im trying to use a custom field inside a shortocde for a nextgen gallery slider on a page. The goal is to change the gallery id by entering in the corresponding id on page creation with a custom field. This doesn’t seem to be working how I have it setup though and is just calling […]

Plot location on Google map using full address specified in custom field

Is there an easy way to plot a location on a Google map using an address specified in a custom field? For example, if a post has the following address specified; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 A Google map will automatically be displayed on the page with with a marker on this exact […]

Add Custom Profile Field as Notes

I would like to add a custom field “NOTES” to the user profile. This custom field should not only be updated,saved and display the current value but be displayed as ongoing (previous and current) notes on the user profile. For example: 1/1/2012 user xx wrote: Lorem ispum ispum 1/2/2012 user xx wrote: Lorem ispum ispum […]

How to query an out put value?

I have this custom query that Im working on and I need to be able to query output values as well as actual stored values. Example: $string = “This is #*&^% a test”; $string = preg_replace(‘/[^(\x20-\x7F)]*/’,”, $string); $string_clean = $string So if I echo $string_clean, I’ll get this: This is a test Which is fine, […]

Only show <li> when content added via custom field

I’ve gone through a few of the other similar topics but any of the solutions won’t work for me. Basically I only want to show an if the custom field has had information added into it. Here’s my code, even if you don’t give me an answer could you point me in the correct direction […]

Difference between 'LIKE' and 'IN' in meta queries

You can use a variety of different comparison operators in meta queries, among which are ‘LIKE’, ‘NOT LIKE’, ‘IN’, and ‘NOT IN’. What is the difference in use between LIKE and IN? Here’s the relevant section of the WP Query Codex page: meta_query (array) – Custom field parameters (3.1) key (string) – Custom field key. […]

Getting a custom post's custom field based on another custom post's custom field select

So I’m at my wit’s end here. I’ve done this before plenty of times, but I think I have stared at this so much I am missing something. I basically have a custom post called locations. That custom post has a few fields which include address, and latitude and longitude. that lat/long are geocoded so […]