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Custom Fields Value As Taxonomy

I creating a real estate platform where allow users to add their listing. The users are people who may not know how to using wp platform, so I make it as easy as possible for them to make a post. Thanks for the custom post type, I manage to create a post type that specifically […]

Is it possible to use get_post_meta() to control HTML?

I want to hide or show an HTML widget I built depending on whether someone adds custom fields to a page via WP Admin. Is this possible? I’d like to do this in my HTML widget template (tips.php): check if there is a value for each of the custom fields in this template. If there […]

get_post_meta returns 0

I am trying to get metadata for a post (of custom post type). I had a look in the database, and the table “wp_postmeta” holds a row with “post_id” = 65, “meta_key” = “name_text” and “meta_value” = “Lars Åkerkvist”. I am trying to fetch that value, Lars Åkerkvist, using get_post_meta as below get_post_meta(65,”name_text”,true) But it […]

How to set default metaboxes on user creation?

Just for repetition’s sake, I want to do the following: I need to set custom fields and the excerpt metaboxes for WP default Posts post type when a new user is created. I know that by default WP doesn’t show them but would like it to. I will be removing the Screen Options tab so […]

Empty meta-box returns publishdate if no value is set?

I have no idea why this would/could happen. I have a custom metabox for an “event_end_date” set for a custom-post-type. If I leave this field blank it always puts out the publish-date of the post itself? I use the Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress library like this … $meta_boxes[] = array( ‘id’ => ‘event_info_optional’, ‘title’ => ‘Optional’, ‘pages’ => […]

Add a meta field to the list of results for a custom post type

I’ve created a Custom Post Type for “Books” … I’ve also added several meta fields (custom fields) to each book, and I’d like to be able to display some of those fields in the table of results. Is there a way to hook into the data table and add the custom fields?

Should i use custom post type for a custom footer?

I am trying to develop a customized footer so that depending on what page the user is on, the site will display a different footer. Basically the footer will remain pretty much the same except it will display three different images of three destinations that are relevant to the page its on. These images will […]

Add custom attributes to a post

My blog is mainly composed of posts describing hiking. Actually, since I just moved from a blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog, every hike is inserted in a simple post. However, every hike has certain parameters (e.g.: ascent, length, difficulty, …) I’d like to save in the database in form of attribute and not […]

Meta boxes only displayed when editing normal (default wp post_type) posts

I’ve multiple meta boxes for my main/default post types. I also have multiple post_types where this meta boxes make no sense. Can you hint me on if/else function I would use on displaying meta boxes only on default post_type?

Display latest post depending on Meta Box content

What I want to do is display my latest post’s content on a custom template page, ONLY if a meta box is filled in with the right word. In other words, if the post has a meta box named, “FEATURED” with a value of “YES”, then I would like to show the post on my […]