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Creating a custom menu/widget area

I’m looking to create a /menu/widget area like the following site: please see sections under downloads, security, support, about is this considered a footer menu as well? my theme’s footer menu is just a standard menu on the bottom right corner of the theme like the example site as well but i want to […]

Making a form for user to add new custom post with custom taxonomies and custom fields

I want to ask that is there a way display all my custom taxonomies in a drop down menu with checkboxes so when the user check any taxonomy it will be slected and when the user click the submit button .the new post will be created with selected custom taxonomy. i know how to insert […]

How to get custom image field of specific post id

I have a page where I’m pulling in content from another post, outside of the loop. I’ve been successfull at getting the content of the specified post, but I cannot get the image from a custom field (advanced custom image field). This is working to get the content from the post who’s ID is 299: […]

Listing the most popular 8 city (custom fields) as used in posts

Hi there i am creating a theme for a classifieds website and want to list the top 8 popular city which mentioned as posts custom fields. That means the top 8 cities which have the most classifieds. it will looks like this i saw some examples of sorting custom fields but couldn’t manage to […]

How to display posttypes and taxonomy in standard posts, not in a separate label?

I want to display some taxonomies directly in “Posts” label, as standard post, not in a separate label like “Books” for exp., but i don’t know how. Is there a way to do this? This is the code: class PostTypes { var $types = array(); var $taxonomy = array(); function __construct($types = array(), $taxonomy = […]

How to keep a record of changes to a custom field?

I have a custom post type that hold real estate listings and I need to figure out a way to keep a record of the price of the property is listed for. For example a user lists a property for sale and then the user edits the property listing and changes the price. I need […]

Help with this custom field conditional if no field is set display nothing

I’m using the code below to display an image if the swap_select custom field value is true. If it’s no it displays nothing. However when posts are first created no custom field exists. So what would the conditional be to account for no custom field at all and in that case display noithing? <?php $swap_value […]

Why my meta boxes won't show in front post page?

I see it everywhere: in single post, in category archives etc, but in front page post not. I display the metaboxes in this way: <?php if (get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘test_1’, true) != ” ) { ?><?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘test_1′, true);?><?php } ?> What’s wrong? What i’m doing wrong? Is possible to display the meta boxies in a […]

Get post-meta value of all custom-posts – lowest to highest year-count?

probably tough to describe: I have a custom-post-type called wr_event and a custom-field for it called event_date. I have a lot of posts and each of those posts has set an event_date. Pretty straight forward. All I’d like to do now is list all the years in which events have been posted. So I’d like […]

Adding custom field to post object from custom table

I am writing a counter plugin for WordPress, which will keep track of daily and total views. Normally you would use post meta fields for storing such information. But I cannot: I cannot use meta fields, because meta fields cannot be updated without the risk of loosing previous values (no locking). For example: The meta […]