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How to get post type information?

So, I’m doing some theme and plugin integration and stumbled upon ome issues with my breadcrumb. Basically my theme has a function that checks for certain post types and then populates the breadcrumb accordingly. Some of my plugins are unknown to the theme, so now I’m manually adding those post types to the breadcrumb method. […]

Displaying a list of Contacts

I would like to list contacts, and I’m unsure how I should do this. Which method should I use “Theme Customization API ” or “custom post type”? My contact page would look like this: <h1>Title <p>paragraph</p> <h1>Title</h1> <p>paragraph</p> <h1>Title</h1> <p>paragraph</p> <h1>Title</h1> <a>email link</a> <h1>Title</h1> <p>paragraph</p> <div> <a><img/></a> <a><img/></a> <a><img/></a> </div> For title paragraph, I will […]

Create a select metabox that the user can pupolate?

I have been working on a plugin that uses text area metaboxes on an options page to populate drop downs in the CPT area. I was with the help of some others able to get the list to show in the select boxes and was able to save the choice to the DB. So far […]

Custom Post Types and Removing Slugs – should we do it?

I’ve run into issues trying to remove my custom post types slugs and I’ve read other questions on here from people with the same problem. We don’t want that slug in our URL! But the solutions to this all seem to involve some sort of hack, a rewrite rule to fix the inevitable 404. Some […]

Template code to split a post and print a custom field?

So I want a blog post but in the center of every blog post I want to split the content and print a custom field attached to the blog post type. Ie you field called “Blog Quote” and the user will enter “Some sample text here.” Then put the body of the post in the […]

How can I relate custom post types?

I’ve got a custom post type of product and one of case study. Each product has a series of related case studies. How in WordPress can I relate these items? I’m using CMB2 and a custom multiselect field that allows the user to select the related product for a case study. However, I’m not sure […]

Pagination broken by naming conflict between CPT and Page

I have run into this issue before with pagination where your custom post type is called something like ‘insights’ and then the page that you create to display those custom posts in an archive is called ‘insights’ too. Straight away there is a naming conflict. When WordPress searches for the second page it actually searches […]

Custom post type URL

I have a page called “News”, and I have created a custom post type for news. In “News” page I need to show all news custom posts and they need to be clickable. “News” page url is When I click on news it goes on url “”. How to rewrite URL on custom post […]

Custom post type and taxonomy cross registration

This question already has an answer here: What's the purpose of 'taxonomies' parameter in register_post_type()? 1 answer

How to display a WordPress Custom Field only on a specific day of the week?

I’ve got WordPress site for which I’ve set up a custom post_type along with some custom fields created with CMB2 to display extra stuff within my custom posts. When editing a single item for my custom post_type, it has a repeatable fields group set up in order to store prices and additional info, those are […]