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Building a Digg clone using WordPress?

I am thinking of building a site similar to (the old version). I think the best way in my case is to make a custom post type for the links and then use a a plugin such as TDO Mini Forms or One Click Post for front end posting. As for voting I’m thinking […]

Have different number of posts on first page

I need to have a different amount of posts per page on the first page that on the other pages. For example, this is what I need Total posts: 6 First page: showing 3 posts Following page: showing 2 posts per page Here’s my code: $paged = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1; $fp_limit = 3; […]

List Categories for Custom Post Types – WordPress

I’m using custom post types in WordPress 3.0 (now 3.0.1) to setup a custom directory system, but can’t seem to find how to list out the categories under the custom taxonomy similar to how you’d use the wp_list_categories for normal posts. Anyone know how you’d do this on a page? Thanks! I’ve seen suggestions for […]

Limit CPT to only have a single view page sometimes

Imagine a CPT, let us call it “News”. This News Post type is mainly used for displaying short News inline on the front page. But some of those News will be longer, mandating to only display an excerpt on the front page and having a single view. The rule would probably be that I put […]

AJAX search on post pages by custom post type

I’m having an issue creating an ajax search on my single post pages. I need to limit the search results to the custom post types “fod_videos” and “post” and category 12. My issue is the search is returning all the posts under those filters and not taking the search value. I’m guessing I’m missing something […]

Change Custom Post Type slug

I’m working within a child theme so I don’t want to edit the file that is registering a Portfolio CPT to my site. I used a plugin to change the name from Portfolio to Stories, but the plugin doesn’t give an option for the slug. I tried using the following function: function change_slug_of_post_type_portfolio() { register_post_type(‘portfolio’, […]

How to show all posts of the category in wordpress?

I have create a category by using Custom Post Type plugin, and now only the 5 most recent posts of the category are showing. What I want is to show all posts for the category. For examle, suppose I have movies category – I want all movies in that category. What code should I use […]

Get custom post type slug for an archive page

How do I discover the custom post type slug when I’m on an archive page? For instance if /products/ fires the archive-products.php template, how (pragmatically) do I get the post type slug? Thanks

How to Add a Sub Menu Page to a Custom Post Type?

I am trying to create a link under a custom post type I have named “portfolios”. If I change “add_submenu_page” to “add_options_page” it correctly shows a new link under the “Settings” menu. But it won’t seem to go in the portfolios menu, what am I doing wrong here? add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘mt_add_pages’); function mt_add_pages() { add_submenu_page(__(‘portfolios’,’menu-test’), __(‘Test […]

Adding Categories to a WordPress Custom Post Type?

Is it possible to add categories to a Custom Post Type in WordPress?