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Can't Get Parent and Child Categories of Custom Taxonomy to Display

I have a Custom Post Type set up with a Custom Taxonomy. For this Custom Taxonomy, I’m trying to figure out how to echo out the titles of the parent category and current child category within it. This is the set-up: prints (registered custom post type) print_type (registered custom taxonomy) Prints & Note Cards (parent […]

Trying to save custom post type from frontend partially working

I’ve created the following custom post type (lugares means places) with a custom taxonomy of tacos and it works fine form the backend: /** * Custom post-type lugares **/ add_action(‘init’, ‘lugares_register’); function lugares_register() { $labels = array( ‘name’ => _x(‘Lugares’, ‘post type general name’), ‘singular_name’ => _x(‘Lugar’, ‘post type singular name’), ‘add_new’ => _x(‘Agregar nuevo’, […]

Listing authors and date archive from custom post type

I’ve got a cpt called ‘blog’, now I would like to list all authors that contributed to that cpt. Also I would like to list all blogposts (from the ‘blog’ cpt) grouped in months, like wp_get_archives() does. Authors. I tried to use wp_list_authors but it only lists authors from regular posts, not cpt’s. I only […]

Post type to calendar

I have a custom post type called “events” How can I use the date on that post type to create a ics feed so users and subscribe to upcoming events?

Custom rewrite rule takes place AFTER the generic category rule

I’ve got a custom post type defined to handle a company’s distributors. It takes a post and routes it under /distributors/abc-truck-sales. I noticed that loading /distributors/ matches up to a category_name and is queried as such. I’ve got a custom rewrite rule that is supposed to make /distributors/ into a redirection to the index.php add_rewrite_rule(‘distributors/?$’, […]

Using custom post type as front home page pagination not working

I’ve searched for days for a solution, scouring the interwebs, including, of course, stackoverflow. I’m using a custom post type as a static home page, but the pagination will not work. When I attempt to navigate to the second page, it reverts back to the same first page. This is not a problem unless I’m […]

Should I change these content meta types before building complex archive page?

Hi and thanks in advance for reading this long question. I’m about halfway through building a site for a NYT bestselling author, and have hit a point where I realize I may not have organized myself in the best way in terms of data management. Before I go back and rebuild, I figured I should […]

Can I bind a post_type='post' category to a custom post_type category?

I am using an automation solution to pull my videos into a category. It seems the automation solution cannot account for custom post types and custom post type categories, so I’m having to send all of my video content to a normal category. How can I still take advantage of my theme’s custom post types? […]

Display custom post type from template

I have this template file called Events. The purpose of this file is just to display the latest post with custom type Event. I have solved it with a very ugly solution. There must be a simpler and more correct way to do this. If you check my code im sure you understand what im […]

Custom admin post.php page

I’m working on a CPT but I need to have more control over the layout of the post/edit page (post-new.php and post.php). I thought hacking through admin_init would be the best option, but I can’t get the script to work at all. Help? function init_shelf_page() { if (!current_user_can(‘edit_shelves’) && $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] == ‘/wp-admin/post.php’) { if (isset($_GET[‘post’])) […]