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WordPress Main Menu with dynamic url

I am having taxonomy in custom post type like cities Las Vegas,Los Angeles,Nashvile etc. I am having main menu like Home About Us ( and Contact. Now When i am on Nashvile Category Page i want to generate about us link like ( is it achievable in wordpress?

How to replace hard-coded list of custom taxonomy terms based on custom field query

I am currently hard-coding custom taxonomy terms “13329,5555” into a block of code. Instead of hard-coding the custom taxonomy product_cat term_id as “13329,5555” how would I dynamically replace 13329,5555 with (a comma-delimited representation) of only the product_cat term_ids that have their custom field “product_category_customText” populated? In other words I am looking for help replacing 13329,55555 […]

How do I display post count of a custom post type with custom category taxonomy in wp_menu_nav?

I would like to display the post count of each custom taxonomy categories. Example: Adventures menu: Rafting (5) Bunjee (1)

Create taxonomy with meta term using the WP Rest Api

I am trying to create taxonomy elements (the taxonomies are already registered) from the front end using the REST Api v2. I am able to do so except not able to save the meta fields from the taxonomies. I have a registered taxonomy (“place”) and I am trying to create elements for it using the […]

Create template pages or a plugin from theme

I have been using elegant Themes eList theme for a site for a few years. It is a listing theme that has been significantly modified to achieve the listing structure that I want, including the ability to drill down through more than one sub category. But it is not responsive and is getting a bit […]

is_tax is failing me and can't figure out the solution

I’ve created a custom post type (“Products”) for a site I’m developing, along with corresponding custom categories (“product_cats”). Certain products are categorized with “BC Buy Local” as well as their product family (“Rice Wrap” for example). So far everything’s working great, I can display what product famlies I want, and I can even call up […]

I want to display my custom post type arranged by taxonomy

Sorry New to this custom post and taxonomy thing I want help in displaying my custom post type arranged by taxonomy. The output would be like: Parent 1 Taxonomy Title Child 1 Taxonomy Title Title of a Post Under Child Taxonomy 1 Title of a Post Under Child Taxonomy 2 Child 2 Taxonomy Title Title […]

Insert mysql query for add new term

I’ve created a new custom taxonomy and I have more than two thousand terms. Manually adding all terms is very time consuming. Someone provide me MySql insert query?

User query and search mistake

i need to create a user query to filter user works. I installed user-group plugin. This is my index code but the rendered page is the same both on and <?php $tassonomia = $_GET[“taxonomy”]; $categoria = $_GET[“term”]; if (!isset($tassonomia)) { echo ‘<h1>no tassonomie</h1>’; $args = array ( ‘role’ => ”, ‘orderby’ => ‘ID’ […]

Update Custom Post Custom Taxonomy Term from front end form

I can’t update my post custom taxonomy term using my front end form. The headers shows me 200 Ok status but the update post function is not working. I’ve been using: wp_set_object_terms and wp_set_post_terms in an attempt to make it work. I did a little research here and I found some information but haven’t been […]