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List Top 5 taxonomy terms based on number of post

One of my taxonomy is “team” and another one is “players”. I am trying to list top 5 taxonomy based on a number of today’s post. Please let me know how can I do that.

How to filter custom post types by custom category taxonomy

I’m running WordPress 4.6.1 and I am trying to learn how to filter custom post types by a category taxonomy process. This is very helpful as non-technical folks can easily filter custom post type posts by category in the admin. This is my setup… I’m building a child theme off of tweentysixteen I created and […]

get all posts associated with a custom taxonomy

Looks like the advanced tax query options in WordPress does not allow the following query: Get me the most recent posts but only those posts that have at least one term under the taxonomy I’m interested in ( here the key thing is “any term” under that taxonomy would be OK to qualify that post […]

delete term from taxonomy and assign in new one

I have a page where admin assigns term in new taxonomy and delete from the taxonomy it is already assigned to. Like I have a vehicle post type and there are a bunch of entries in vehicle extra. Now admin would decide that he wants to enter airbag in security feature instead of vehicle extra […]

How to organize custom post type list by year?

I have a custom post type ‘University’ on my website. Each university has post type ‘Students’. So this is how it appears on hyperlinks: now I want to make another university list and want the information to be displayed as How can I do that?

Nested Custom Taxonomies | Incorrect posts when querying

I have two custom Taxonomies in wordpress which have posts attached to them, like the following example: Taxanomy A Taxanomy B Post 1 Post 2 Each post have the two taxonomies attached to it depends the need. I need to output that for every Taxonomy A there is Taxanomy B and for every Taxonomy B […]

Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Loop Output Is Wrong

I’m trying to loop through the various posts that fit within my custom taxonomy: “industries”. The post type is custom (type: “member”) and so I’ve been trying to build a loop that outputs the current taxonomy header and then the businesses that have that category assigned to them. Like so: Business Services: Company A Construction […]

Custom Taxonomy Template file not being used

I know there are countless questions on here about this, but all of them suggest the same thing I’m already trying to do, but I appear to be missing/misunderstanding something here. I’m creating an FAQs section for a site, and have the following: faq custom post type faqs custom taxonomy for categorisation of FAQ pages […]

Terms change id after importing

I’m using WP import/export function. In exported XML file term_id is 4, but it becomes random number after import which is breaking my widgets structure. Is there any way to force or keep old term_id when importing to new website?

Custom Post Type Archive Page Filtering

I have a custom post type with a hierarchical custom taxonomy. The taxonomy has several parent terms and each parent term has several child terms. The posts are assigned to one parent and (mostly) one child. I want that my archive page{cpt_slug} only displays the parent terms. After a first selection, the user will […]