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List all posts in Custom Post Type but group dynamically by Custom Taxonomies

I have a custom post type named “Resources” which has a Taxonomy named “Types.” I have it manually pulling each term which isn’t the most elegant solution and every time there is a new term added, I have to add it in manually. I need a way for the Terms to populate with the posts […]

Keyword search limited to specific post type filtered by multiple custom taxonomies?

Is it possible to limit a search for keywords to a specific post type (say ‘news’) but filter the results by selected custom taxonomies? I have a news section. This has the custom post type called ‘news’. This then has the custom taxonomy ‘news-category’. There are several custom taxonomy terms that need to be listed […]

If on term-page -> get the current term?

I’m trying to write a kind of “breadcrumb” function in my “functions.php” I’d like to query if I’m on a term-page and if so I want to print the current term I’m in. By “term-page” I mean the following. I list all terms of a custom-taxonomy (associated with a custom-post-type) as kind of categories in […]

Show nav link highlighted

OK so i have a main menu and a sub-menu How can i make a menu item active when viewing a single post. The sub-menu uses taxonomies so i know i need to make the taxonomy active when one of the posts has the taxonomy in use

Custom hierarchal taxonomy loses interface hierarchy when selecting parent & children

I have a custom hierarchical taxonomy that is called ‘Categories’, but serves a different area of the site than the default “Categories” taxonomy. The problem I’m having is with selecting children terms in the interface while posting content. If the user selects and children terms, they move to the top of the Categories box and […]

On Taxonomy Template page, want to add Post_Type

I have a custom taxonomy template page in my theme. Essentially, when someone clicks on a term link into this taxonomy, I -ALWAYS- want to add a specific post-type to the query. I’m not entirely sure how to do this, I’ve found some functions that are included in PHP 5.3 that seem like they might […]

Use the_taxonomies() to create a simple list

I’m trying to create <div class=”cat-hidden categories”></div> where categories is a list of the categories the current post is posted in. When just using the_taxonomies(), it outputs something like this: <div class=”cat-hidden Job Type: &lt;a href=’’&gt;Early-Career&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=’’&gt;Internship&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a href=’’&gt;Other&lt;/a&gt;, and &lt;a href=’’&gt;Web Development/IT&lt;/a&gt;.”></div>` Whereas I want it to output something similar to this: <div […]

Display an image instead of tag name?

i’m currently using this code to display a custom tag: <?php echo get_the_term_list( $post->ID, ‘region’, ‘Region: ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘<br>’ ); ?> The output of this looks like this: Region: USA What i want to do is display a flag instead of the words USA, EUR, JPN, etc like so: Region: What’s the easiest way […]

Displaying ACF image field

I’m trying to display a list of all my custom taxonomy terms with an image field that I have created in ACF. The ACF image field I have is <img src=”<?php the_field(‘brochure_logo’); ?>”>, but how can I display that image in my code below? I have left a gap where the field needs to go, […]

get_terms() returns an empty array

I’ve read all the posts about displaying terms of a custom taxonomy and it’s still not working. Ok, so here’s the code: <?php //part of template-offer.php $taxonomy = ‘brand’; $term_args=array( ‘hide_empty’ => false, ‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ ); $tax_terms = get_terms($taxonomy,$term_args); echo $tax_terms; ?> And on the output I’m only getting an empty […]