Articles of custom taxonomy

Is it possible to use pages to apply static content to each taxonomy level?

I’m thinking of using a taxonomy archive template to list out my taxonomies and entries (I’m using a hierarchical structure) and then combining this with the WordPress pages module to apply static content to each taxonomy level. Each level will essentially have its own page and will list either its children or entries (posts). The […]

How can I display my custom metaboxes on a custom post template?

I’m fairly new to PHP/wordpress, and this is actually the first time I haven’t been able to answer a question through google! I’m working on getting up to speed with PHP/WP generally, but I can’t seem to learn fast enough to keep up with what we need to accomplish already. Please have patience with my […]

How can I add a meta-box to the posts editor containing all items of a custom taxonomy as checkbox?

I have a custom hierarchical taxonomy containing only two levels of items. First Level the title, second level items of the taxonomy. Is it possible to add a “meta box” to the posts editor of WordPress, so all elements in the second level are shown as checkboxes, first level as title and the author can […]

Non-hierarchical custom taxonomy using checkboxes on edit-screen -> saving issue

I registered a non-hierarchical custom taxonomy (‘property_features’). There is a checkbox for every terms of this tax in a custom meta box on the edit-screen. All terms are displayed and all terms wich are attached to the post are checked correctly. So far so good… … but when I check one of the unchecked boxes […]

Custom Taxonomy conditionals

So I have setup a custom post type ‘products’ and custom taxonomies / categories ‘defence’ ‘law & enforcement’ and ‘Commercial’. I have using the following conditional to set some specific css and the correct banner for a product: <?php if (has_term( ‘defence’, ‘productcat’, $post->ID )) { ?> This works fantastic if the product is in […]

How to create custom taxonomy URLs without taxonomy name?

I have a website that lists businesses in different cities (this is a niche site, so all businesses have the same “classification”). For starters I created a CPT for locations and a taxonomy called “Cities,” which 150 or so cities as terms. All 300+ locations have been tagged with a city. I was able to […]

Move terms from one taxonomy to another keeping the hierarchy

I am creating a custom taxonomy for the first time. I am trying to add a Location taxonomy. What I am actually trying to do is use existing categories to make them into locations. I went into the database table wp_term_taxonomy and manually changed the taxonomy column of the ones I wanted from category to […]

How do I list custom taxonomy terms without the links?

I’ve searched far and wide to try and find an answer to my question. I’m hoping I can get help here. Here goes… I’m currently retrieving the terms of my custom taxonomy using: <?php echo get_the_term_list( $post->ID, ‘skills’, ‘<ul><li>’, ‘</li><li>’, ‘</li></ul>’ ); ?> What I’m trying to do is retrieve these same post-specific custom taxonomy […]

Custom Posts Hierarchy? (State/City/Restaurant)

Question: What is the best way to create a hierarchy structure (also called parent/child relationships) between custom post types? For example, we currently have 3 post types: States, Cities, and Restaurants. Each Restaurant will be in a city, and each city will of course be in a state. So for example, Joe’s Crab Shack would […]

Storing an array using update_metadata

Have a custom taxonomy “guest” with extra fields. foreach ($extra_fields as $field => $display) { ?> <tr class=”form-field”> <th scope=”row” valign=”top”><label for=”<?php echo $field;?>”><?php echo $display;?></label></th> <td><input type=”text” name=”<?php echo $field;?>” id=”<?php echo $field;?>” /></td> </tr> <?php } There are 10 extra fields per taxonomy. Can I / should I save these as an array […]