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Permalink Structure for Multiple Post Type Archives by Taxonomy

Recently I have been working on an advanced WordPress project, and I’m stuck with changing permalink structure for custom post types. I have created 3 post types lets say: type1, type2, type3 and a taxonomy test registered for all of them. I have 3 terms in the custom taxonomy cat1, cat2 ,cat3 Here’s what I […]

Any way to make posts inherit properties/taxonomies through a single assigned taxonomy

I want to have a central “data” sheet that is regularly drawn upon for types of posts that are submitted. Lets say I had a movie review site, but also want to let people post other info, like Trivia or some such. So I would have 2 custom posts types (or perhaps one if I […]

Can't get a custom template taxonomy page to display

I’ve been trying to wade my way through learning the ins and outs of taxonomies and how to integrate them into themes and I’ve run into a pretty basic issue that I can’t seem to figure out. I started working on this in a BuddyPress install using More Taxonomies. After not being able to get […]

Are custom post types lost when the theme is changed?

I am about to begin work on a custom WordPress theme and I want to know how careful I have to be about custom posts. Suppose I create a WordPress theme that registers several custom post types. To my understanding this happens upon activation of the theme. If I were to create several posts of […]

Change order of Custom Taxonomy List

By default WordPress orders custom taxonomies (as tags in this case) by alphabetical order not by the order they were entered in the tag box. Is anyone aware of a way to show the custom taxonomies in the order they were entered in the post edit screen? The url in question is: The GGW […]

Custom post type single-{custom}.php not working

I made a custom post type with the machine name special_media_post and wordpress is simply not seeing the single-special_media_post.php. I am at a complete lose. It keeps defaulting to the index.php Here is my code for my custom post type and its taxonomies: //Post and Taxonomy stuff //Register Custom Post Type function special_media_post() { $labels […]

Shouldn't this be easy?! Custom post type/custom taxonomy permalink

So this is driving me absolutely insane. I’ve spend days trying to fix this and I can’t work out why this is so difficult as surely this is a very common permalink structure! I looked through hundreds of answers and posts and none of them seem to solve the problem. I simply want this structure: […]

How do I append multiple taxonomies to the URL?

Multiple taxonomies in URL How does one append multiple taxonomies to the URL having the following: Post Type: products Taxonomy: product_type Taxonomy: product_brand Adding new product and selecting type and brand for this product: When adding a new product, there are two taxonomy boxes (product_type and product_brand). Let’s call this new post Test Product 1. […]

How do I get the top-level terms in a custom taxonomy?

I have a custom hierarchical taxonomy setup for a conference website. The top-level terms in this taxonomy are Dates, which have child terms representing session slots on that date. I’m trying to figure out how to get a list of the top-level terms within the taxonomy, that is I only want the terms that are […]

custom taxonomy and pages rewrite slug conflict gives 404

I’m using the Custom Post Type UI plugin to create my custom taxonomies. I have a portfolio that is made up of projects (custom post type) with 2 custom taxonomies of technologies and clients. The clients taxonomy has a custom rewrite slug of portfolio/clients/, while the technologies taxonomy has a custom rewrite slug of portfolio/ […]