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Translate slug in WPMU with PO files

I created my own plugin to make some taxonomies. Now I wish translate the url, but my attemp doesnt works. The code of the plugin made for create taxonomies: // Crea Post Type: Settori add_action(‘init’, ‘crea_settori’); function crea_settori() { $labels = array( ‘name’ => __(‘Settori’), ‘singular_name’ => __(‘Settore’), ‘add_new’ => __(‘Aggiungi settore’), ‘add_new_item’ => __(‘Nuovo […]

Load Custom_post_type categories post with ajax

I am trying to load custom category post of custom_post_type using Ajax. I have taken help from Load categories with ajax The content is loading properly for default categories but not for my custom_post_type Category. I have made little change in function for custom post_type: $args = array ( ‘cat’ => $cat_id, ‘posts_per_page’ => 3, […]

Custom Permalink Structure for Custom Post Type, Custom Taxonomy, Under a page

Need some help with some custom rewrite rules. I found this post How to create a permalink structure with custom taxonomies and custom post types like base-name/parent-tax/child-tax/custom-post-type-name which I’ve tried to modify for my use and can’t seem to get it working. I have a PAGE with a custom template/query acting as the archive. I […]

multiple url slug for single custom post type

I have created a custom post type for events. Now within events post type I have created 2 categories. One is ‘event’ and another one is ‘workshop’. The ‘event’ category post url looks like and the ‘workshop’ category url looks like same as ‘event’ Now how can I change the workshop category url […]

Show related posts that match two categories

I have an extra taxonomy named Regions (like Categories). For example my Categories are: Villa Housekeeper And my Regions are: Mykonos Santorini Crete On single post page I want to show related posts by Region and that match a specific Category. Example: On a Villa (Category) which is in Mykonos (Region) I would like to […]

Permalink help with default Posts and custom Taxonomy

currently building a custom magazine site and running into some rewrite issues. I’m using the default Posts post type, and have added in a custom Taxonomy for Issues (issue_cats). Everything works great for the most part but I’m struggling to get the permalinks structured correctly. I’m also using the default “Categories” as well for general […]

register_rest_field for custom taxonomy fields that are assosiated with custom post type

I am trying to register a rest field for my custom taxonomy‘s custom meta fields. I followed the tutorial at Modifying Responses . The code worked great for adding a rest field for post meta data for custom post types, but when I tried the following code to add a rest field for my custom […]

Create a custom taxonomy that will be used to create and filter markers in a Google Map

I’m trying to create a WordPress shortcode that will output a full-width, filterable Google Map with a set of markers that will be loaded on first load (and shown or hidden depending on the filters chosen). The thing is, I’ve never done / used a custom taxonomy before, and I thought that it would be […]

Custom Post Type Pagination Paginates Only in URL Structure

Okay. I am not on here often, but I finally gave up trying to debug this myself. I’ve got a custom post type, with custom taxonomies, and I want a certain number of post thumbnails to show up on a page, and paginate through the others. When clicked on, the URL paginates as it should […]

How to set taxonomy hierarchical level to 2?

I have created a custom taxonomy and registered it. I want the taxonomy maximum level should me 2. i.e. Parent => child => sub-child. How to set level??