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Custom “radio button meta box” not saving correctly

I’m having trouble with my “custom meta box/write panel” script that contains radio buttons. (see below)…It currently does not seem to save the selection made after publishing the custom post type, not sure what Ive missed??? How I plan to utilize this essentially is by letting the client choose one of the radio button choices, […]

My custom write panels won't save data. What am I missing?

So far I’ve been reading some tutorials about ways to create Custom Write Panels. It seems that none of them will really work without some bug. I’d like to discuss one of those tuts here: I copied this code snippets to my theme and also followed the hints in the comments which adivsed me […]

Theme Customizer – How to create a sub panel

In Theme Customizer, i’d like to create a sub panel like this one of wordpress: When we add a new item, a new panel which allows us to pick up a item displays on the right, how can i do the same ? Thank you !

How to add some custom HTML to the edit posts page

On the wordpress admin edit posts page, I want to display some custom content and script, underneath the meta box. I want to hand code this as the various plugins I could use (advanced custom fields for instance) take too much control away, and I don’t need an actual field to be saved. So for […]

Cleanest way to code “Custom Write Panels/Meta Boxes”?

As with anything in WordPress it seems there are 20 way to do something, but after several weeks of extensive searching I really haven’t found more then a couple tutorials floating around that really mirror each other in writing conventions which always makes me a little uneasy when this is the way I learn so […]

Can custom taxonomies be displayed inside of a custom meta box?

I’m currently displaying custom taxonomies in a drop down menu. Each taxonomy has its own little wrapper in the sidebar. Is it possible to move the taxonomy to inside of my custom write box for ease-of-use purposes?

Setting admin edit panels & metaboxes positions and visibility for ALL users and admins

My WP 3.3 setup involves several post types and customized edit panels with Advanced Custom Fields plugin (which creates many metaboxes) and other plugins such as SEO metabox panel, Scribu’s Posts2Posts connections and more. The problem is, the appearance order of these panels is often quite random (even if Adavanced Custom Fields offers some sort […]