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WordPress generated links – menus and home_url() – not using https despite settings

I have just started working with a WordPress 3.9.2 site which has the WordPress HTTPS module active and functioning. Plugins, CSS, images, are loaded over https. In General Settings the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are set to https: as well. However there are troubling occurrences of non-https links generated by WP. The […]

Removing non native customizer settings from a child theme

For removing settings, controls and sections of the customizer, we can just simply use the remove methods like this: function remove_custom($wp_customize) { $wp_customize->remove_setting(‘id’); $wp_customize->remove_control(‘id’); $wp_customize->remove_section(‘id’); } What I notice is that there’s no way to remove parent-theme customization, so non native customization of WordPress itself. In fact, trying to remove the blogdescription is possible. I […]

Do I use custom post type or something else?

I’m looking to add a “News” section to my homepage, and want this to be a link in my admin left panel so I can add articles on the fly by clicking “Add Article” and providing the headline, publication date, publication logo, external URL, and a snippet from the article. Initially, I thought of creating […]

Creating bulk posts with Youtube videos

I’m a bit new to WordPress and I’m a bit lost reading all sort of docs about creating bulk posts using PHP. I’ve wrote a small code that using Youtube API v3 to get all the videos from a Youtube channel and I want to create post in wordpress using that loop and data. My […]

Publishing html directly from ftp to wordpress

I have a program for a booking programme and within that is an “Update Website” button which originally would ftp the html created straight in place of the old one meaning once you click update website it will post the most up to date information without having to publish. Only recently changed to wordpress and […]

Set the transport of the Customizer 'header_image' core setting to 'postMessage'

To activate the Customizer core section Navigation (ID: nav), you need to: add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’ ); I already tried to make the transport of the Customizer header_image setting postMessage with the ID based on what I’m seeing at get_header_image(): function theme_customize_register( $wp_customize ) { $wp_customize->get_setting( ‘header_image’ )->transport = ‘postMessage’; // I also tried this line. // […]

Reinstall WordPress Without Losing Data

So I recently had issues with my WordPress database. goDaddy created an updated MySQL and then files got thrown all over, things missing, etc. It got to the point where they pretty much told me that they had no clue what they did and they couldn’t fix it. 🙁 What I want to do is […]

Custom Widget Creating PHP Exception When Placed In Its Own PHP File

I have a custom plugin created and i have created a widget. At the moment this code is included in the base php file for the plugin and its working fine. I want to move the widget and all future ones into a widgets.php file and include them into the main plugin file. When i […]

Featured Image not showing in admin

Currently im making new theme and had the idea of adding featured image in the admin side of wordpress, unfortunately its not working this is what i have tried I have added this code in functions.php add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’); i also tried to change it add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array( ‘post’ ) ); // Add it for posts […]

How to reorganize the items returned by wp_list_comments()?

I’m new to WordPress theme development and learning by building a new theme of my own. I want to reorganize the items returned by wp_list_comments(). I created comments.php in my theme folder and it currently looks like this- <div id=”comments”> <ol class=”commentlist”> <?php $comments = get_comments(array( ‘post_id’ => XXX, ‘status’ => ‘approve’displayed )); wp_list_comments(array( ‘per_page’ […]