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Blogroll – Different layout for first post

I would like to have my main blogroll show 10 posts per page, but the first post of each page to be setup on a different div above the rest and have a featured image. This is what I sued for the first post of the page: // WP_Query arguments $args = array ( ‘pagination’ […]

Multiple menu items highlighted

I am using WordPress as the CMS for my website. For my navigation menu, I am using WordPress’ inbuilt navigation menu function. You add categories, page, etc, to this and it generates a list with certain classes you can style – like current-menu-item. My problem lies here: I have several categories in my menu, and […]

How Can A Widget With Only One Instance Be Defined?

How can a widget which of which only one instance can be used?

Last time a user logged in

I’m building a site where users log in to view content specific to them. I would like to display the last date and time they logged in. How would I get this information from wordpress? If it doesn’t exist, how could I add it? Example: Welcome Back! Your last visit was on 10/25/2010 at 3:14pm. […]

Hide a page in the admin end without a plugin?

I’m creating a series of pages with iFrames embedded in them, but it seems the only way to do this within WordPress (i.e. using the templating system) is to create pages in the admin end and then create individual templates for each of those pages. Is it possible to hide those pages from the admin […]

How to add custom template tag in wordpress theme?

I am working on a WordPress site, it’s an online newspaper site. The theme I am developing, I want to add custom template functions like get_footer() or get_header(), so that I can save those HTML and PHP codes like the way footer.php stores. Thanks in advance.

Creating a custom Admin panel

I’m building a WordPress Plugin and it has two tables and some data. Right now, for displaying and changing the data, I’m using the wpdb function and manually creating the user interface (mimicking the Default one). However, I see that other plugins have a more consistent style with their tables and the same features (like […]

Get the post attached to a image attachment

Assuming I know the image attachment ID, how can I get the post permalink to which is attached (if any) ?

Adding Pagination on a Custom Author Page

i have created a custom author’s page that list the title of their posts. but the problem is i can’t get the pagination to work if it’s beyond the set post per page value. i have used get_posts() to it’s custom loop. <?php $ppp = 5; //set my custom number of post to appear $uid […]

How to get multiple Action Hooks in an Array

Hi I am writing a small plug-in which I get some content from outside of WordPress and I want a small script to trigger whenever a new post, page or comment is added. Also if any Widgets, themes and Plug-ins are Activated or De-Activated. My guess is that I should be using the action hooks […]