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How do I add JavaScript that will execute on all my sites in Multisite?

We are creating an internal network of sites using MU and there are some small things we would like to have globally on all the sites without having to add them individually for each site. I would like to add a block of JavaScript and CSS that will execute on every site. What’s the best […]

How to customize admin posts based on the user who is logged in

We are building a site that will have 10-15 photographers posting content. There will be a common blog + each admin has their own portfolio to manage. “Portfolio galleries” and “portfolio pages” are two custom types and they are categorized using “Artist”, a custom taxonomy. We would like all admins: to be able to see […]

Why would switch_to_blog stop working?

I’m using the Multisite functionality of WordPress 3.0, and I have a network of sites built where I display one random post from one of the subsites on the main site’s front page. I accomplish this, in part, by using the switch_to_blog function from the old WPMU function list. Up until yesterday I could call […]

Adding Variables to post query

How do I add custom variables to the wordpress query without having to hit the database twice. In the example below I want to add some meta filters. All this code works fine but I have been running query_posts() to execute it. I want to be able to add to the query before it is […]

Are there any 'Coming Soon' themes for WordPress 3.0?

I have a website I am starting to build on WordPress, but I want a placeholder theme to put up while I develop the theme. I had some links to some good “Coming Soon” themes for 2.X, but I lost them. Any good “Coming Soon” themes for WordPress 3.0? I would prefer it to have […]

enqueue script on custom post type archive page

How do I enqueue a script on the header if the user is on an archive page of a custom post type? The custom post type is called limitedrun and the page is called archive-limitedrun.php. I tried this and got no response: function opby_theme() { wp_register_script(‘responsive-img’, get_template_directory_uri() .’/js/responsive-img.min.js’, array(‘jquery’)); wp_enqueue_script(‘responsive-img’); wp_enqueue_style( ‘opby’, get_stylesheet_uri() ); wp_register_style(‘googleFonts’, […]

Custom field values in permalink

Is there a way to add a custom field value (if it exists) to the permalink?

Copyright messages for a particular set of pages

I have created some pages (not post) in wordpress related to my college notes. I would like to display a copyright message of the college on this pages, but I don’t want do this manually every time. So is there any plug-in or tweak available to achieve this?

WordPress multisite installation broke menu links

I am using the Thesis theme with my WordPress multisite installation. I also changed the permalink settings from the Super Admin settings to remove /blog/ from the path. But now my menu links are broken. The permalink structure now is /%postname%/ and my pages have the links, etc. When I try and navigate […]

Problem with using wp-load.php outside of WordPress

I’m trying to use wp-load.php in a page outside of wordpress so I can access all the functions in wordpress. Typically I just include the file like this require( $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/blog/wp-load.php’ ); But it doesn’t seem to be working. Any tips on what can be going on? Thanks, Paul