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How can I apply custom sanitization to new usernames?

I have a WooCommerce module creating WordPress usernames on my behalf. I want to make sure those usernames are sanitized according to my rules, which are stricter than the WordPress requirements. How can I hook / override sanitize_user to use my custom rules?

Dynamically Filtering Posts by Data Points – Any Pointers?

I’m trying to have my wp frontpage display dynamically filterable content (pages/posts links) selectable by the user e.g. country, cost. It’s for a solo female travel blog, the closest thing I’ve found is the frontpage of Would I be best doing this with custom php and custom tables in the same wp or another […]

Add filter on html tags,attributes on specific function in wordpress

Title is little bit :S sorry 🙂 For example,we have paginate links function that output html something like this <span class=’page-numbers current’>some number</span> How can I filter that,to remove that span,class,to apply my own html tags,styles,tnx in advance.I just want to apply my own styles and html tags,is this possible?

Use custom header as WordPress header

My site is running on site say : My blog is at say : I have one header implemented in my main site, I want to use that header file as a worpress header. Is there any way I can do this?

Custom post type menu

The theme I have has its own admin menu using add_menu_page and add_submenu_page. Question: is there any way for me to add custom post types to this admin menu? Instead of the custom post type appearing in its own menu?

Hide page title in WordPress 3.0

I can’t find the option to hide the page title. Is there some other plugin required to get this functionality? If you look in this video video you can see the option to set the page title. I don’t have this option. I’m not looking for a code solution here, I need something which will […]

how to nest specific category thumbnails inside different containers

im kinda new in wordpress and this is the problem im facing: I’ve created a custom div with 3 tabs that displays 3 inner containers, each tab is for a a specific “Category”. For Example, let’s call the categories cs:go, cod and fifa. What I want to do is to put thumbnails of a specific […]

In WordPress 3.x, I can't access posts from all blogs in the network

I use WordPress a ton, but I’m somewhat new to multisite. Now that 3.0 has brought multisite into the main core, shouldn’t there be an easy loop function that allows you to display the most recent posts from across your network, in a loop, for me to output in PHP as I want? Does anybody […]

WordPress 3.1 makes my drop down menu dissapear, jquery dont work

Please help, After i upgrade to WP 3.1 just now, all my site menus not working, no drop down menu, and the jquery countdown not working. please help me.

What is theme-editor.tmp?

What is theme-editor.tmp? It is located under wp-content.