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Updating Widget options in custom install.php

I am using a custom install.php in /wp-content/ to over-ride some defaults when creating sites in a multi-site install. For the most part, this is easy and working really well. I am having difficulty with the widgets though. All I want for widgets is the Search widget and a custom Meta widget we use in-house. […]

How to exclude certain widget from showing up on home/front page?

This question already has an answer here: Call dynamic_sidebar but include/exclude named widgets? 3 answers

How to Get WordPress custom post data in WooCommerce product meta panel?

I have created one custom post in WordPress and also created one custom panel in Woocommerce product attribute panel. Now, How I can display all the content of WordPress custom post into the Woocommerce product attribute list? Step 1: I have created custom post in wordpress. Step 2: I want data of WordPress custom post […]

Format Brand value in Category view

I was managed to add “Brand name” to the category view list in the spot between image and category name (or product name). The code I have used is below. The problem: How can I remove the link from the brand (href part), so it is not clickable? Only product title should be clickable to […]

How to add more than one RSS Feed Link for wordpress

I’m using code to change Rss Feed Link for my wordpress site, it’s working but I don’t know how to add more than one rss link appear when someone click on browser Rss Icon, I need these links to appear for all pages below each other for categories “products”, “blog” and “news”. here is the […]

Change “logged in” link in (you must be logged in to post a comment)

I need to change the link for “logged in” to a user log in url instead of wp login url. I have checked /wp-includes/comment-template.php and that’s what I found on line 2217 /** This filter is documented in wp-includes/link-template.php */ ‘must_log_in’ => ‘<p class=”must-log-in”>’ . sprintf( /* translators: %s: login URL */ __( ‘You must […]

Static raw HTML page

On the server there is a static HTML page example.html in my root folder of the WordPress install. Now when a user types I want WordPress to be smart and bypass all normal routing behavior and instead just display that static exmaple.html page. This looks so easy to me concept-wise but I can’t find […]

How to list all record from one custom taxonomy start with only one letter i.e A

I want to list all records in one custom taxonomy start with only A or B. Below code is to list all record with all letters. Here is the code to list all record with one custom taxonomy with all letters in groups. Example, <?php // Template Name: Store Template // get all the stores […]

Unique User Account Number + Displayed Via Shortcode

I’ve seen a couple articles on creating unique account numbers for users: What is the fastest way to generate a unique id number when registering a user I’m trying to see if someone could actually explain how it’s actually done step by step. I’m not a seasoned developer, but I do have knowledge of […]

TinyMCE default link target to “_blank”

I am struggling to change the default_link_target to “_blank”. Here is what i have in functions.php: function my_format_TinyMCE( $settings ) { $settings[‘default_link_target’] = “_blank”; return $settings; } add_filter( ‘tiny_mce_before_init’, ‘my_format_TinyMCE’, 1000 ); This does not give any result, althought the overall approach is correct, as changing another setting works, for example when modifying the default […]