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Order Taxonomy Term by date created

Trying to get the order of my custom query to display by Date created. Is this even possible with this query? Can you do a custom order? thanks for the help <?php $faq_cat_terms = get_terms( ‘faq-cat’ ); foreach ( $faq_cat_terms as $faq_cat ) { $faq_cat_query = new WP_Query( array( ‘orderby’ => ‘date’, ‘post_type’ => ‘faq’, […]

Displaying a list of Contacts

I would like to list contacts, and I’m unsure how I should do this. Which method should I use “Theme Customization API ” or “custom post type”? My contact page would look like this: <h1>Title <p>paragraph</p> <h1>Title</h1> <p>paragraph</p> <h1>Title</h1> <p>paragraph</p> <h1>Title</h1> <a>email link</a> <h1>Title</h1> <p>paragraph</p> <div> <a><img/></a> <a><img/></a> <a><img/></a> </div> For title paragraph, I will […]

Is it possible to add a custom page to a free WordPress site?

I’m trying to add a custom page to my WordPress website. I found this link, which says that I need to add the template to the theme folder, but I have a free WordPress website, so I don’t have access to that folder :/ Is it possible to add a custom page to a free […]

Custom Theme Blog page not showing Posts

I am developing my custom theme in WordPress from scratch. Now when i am working with my blogs page its not showing any of the posts i have changed my “index.php” page but i think there must be some function that is missing from my “functions.php” page due to which my posts are not showing […]

same archive template for different custom post

Suppose i have registered five custom post type like this america china nepal norway chile And to template the archive i should use like this inside theme folder isn’t it? archive-america.php archive-china.php and so on? But the thing is all of them have same code? And i don’t want to make five files with same […]

Is there a way to easily manage Project options (custom-fields)

Im currently rocking the Fluxus theme on a website for a client of mine. The theme offers project options (custom fields) where you could add in information about your artwork. As my client has over 100 artworks uploaded. Is there an easy way to manage these fields? He wants to add prices to all of […]

Custom Content Page

We’ve made a whole lot of templates for different types of blog posts. However, we also want to do fully custom ‘power pages’ that do not follow the WordPress theme we are using. These pages would be custom from top to bottom. Here is an example to illustrate my point: The above is a normal […]

Centering one product on a single page

I have one minor issue that I cannot resolve and that is being able to center a single product on a page. I have managed to research this site and others and been able to center the text however I cannot center the image and the text on the page. I’m fairly confident with editing […]

Hide content and functions from specific user roles

I’m working on a theme and i am wondering how i can hide specific content and functions from certain user roles via PHP. I am working with a lot of prebuilt functions so what i am after is some code snippet that i can wrap around the functions i want so it doesent display to […]

Pagination Not working on Home Page with 2 Query

I have two loops in home page (index.php) <?php $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, ‘posts_per_page’ => 3, ); $another_query = new WP_Query($args); if( $another_query->have_posts() ) { $i = 0; while ($another_query->have_posts()) : $another_query->the_post(); ?> <?php if($i == 0) { ?> <div class=”col s8″> <?php get_template_part( ‘template-parts/content-magazine-grid-big’, get_post_format() ); ?> </div> <?php } ?> <?php […]