Articles of customization

Help customising admin bar, removing buddypress links from dropdown

I am trying to customise my admin bar. I have achieved most of what I need to do but am stuck on a couple of things. I want to remove most of the links from the dropdown menu that appears when you moveover, “How are you, Name?”. I want to keep the top part with […]

Create custom WP_List_Table in post_type

I have a post type named “case”. I want to create a “Sub-page” to list only my “cases”. And add some custom HTML (search box, some labels, logos, etc..) Anyone knows how can I do this? Code to create the post_type. function my_custom_post_type_case() { $labels = array( ‘name’ => _x( ‘Cases’, ‘post type general name’ […]

How to customize a site hosted on locally

I have a website on Is there a way to download it to my localhost, customize it and then upload it back to Thanks

how to add wp-user fields to front-end form

I’ve found all kinds of information on how to add user-meta fields to a front-end form. However, I can’t find how to add email and the change password. I found the form fields in user-edit.php, but what to use in place of update_user_meta()?

Adding other links on header than LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube etc

As you can see on the header of my website I have several link buttons to Youtube, Facebook etc… I changed the code a bit to add Soundcloud URL, and that worked. I get the Soundcloud logo on top with the link. Unfortunately this didn’t work for StackExchange. Is there any way I can create […]

Moving wp-content folder

I want to move wp-content folder out of wordpress installation folder. I have set define(‘WP_CONTENT_DIR’, ‘/opt/deployer/wordpress/wp-content’ ); in wp-config.php file. But themes stopped working on site. Please help me.

How can I have different content for different countries?

My company has always served the Australian market, but we are now also working in the US. How can I have a US version of the site with some different pages/content, without having multiple installations of wordpress? Although some content will need to be different, a lot will remain the same. I don’t need the […]

datepicker value in mysql

I am using a plugin WP-Types for custom post types in which there is a option to create custom fields in which i created one date field for my requirement. Now what happens when i add any date into it .. It will store some kind of wired value ( for me ) in mysql […]

How can i display custom menu in sidebar?

I would like to display a custom menu in a custom sidebar instead of author information or blank space i.e custom menu with similar styles as default menu but only in vertical manner as displayed in grey in the below picture.

Static page not working

First, context: I am not developing a theme, I am not mucking around with PHP. All I wanted to do was throw up a quick temporary WordPress site in a few minutes, paste my content in, and call it “good enough” for a month until I could sit down and dedicate real time to building […]