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WordPress as a frontend website for iOS app

I am developing a product for a local gym. The product comes in 2 parts : – a smartphone app used by the client – a website used by the coach The coach uses the website to prepare the workout. So I need a good UI to allow him to create it. I can think […]

How should I structure complex content hierarchies?

I am pretty new to WP and I have not had to deal with any overly complex content structures as of yet. Until now. I’m trying to figure out the right mix of Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, Pages, etc. to effectively display and organize the content. Here’s an example of content with a deep hierarchy […]

How to load a mycred hook from a plugin?

I’ve created a hook for mycred following this tutorial. I added the code to the function.php, and I am now wondering how to call it from my plugin? I have no clue, and the tutorials that I’ve found also offer no advice. Any advice? My cred is a plugin that once installs, awards the users […]

How to make the Pages in WordPress Customized?

I have a Theme I like. The front page is terrific. However, the pages have horrible formatting. How do I bypass this & get my own page formatting? (I know I have done this before…) If possible, I would rather NOT change, edit, or delete code (or a .css file). I will do this as […]

toggle Multiple Loop with tittle

I need some help I want to list all post from a meta_key, order by meta_value in ASC order All this in 1 toogle jquery. I’ve this: <div id=”box-temp” class=”gray-shadow”> <!– First Loop –> <h3 class=”titulo-temp”> NUMBER OF FIRST LOOP </h3> <hr> <ul class=”items-temp”> <?php query_posts(‘meta_key=numeroepisodio&orderby=meta_value&order=ASC’); ?> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <?php $numeroepisodio […]

White screen error for a custom theme

I have created a theme for one of our clients using bootstrap framework! When i was working on it on Localhost it works Correctly, but when I Uploaded it doesn’t work. When I Activate it from Appearance I Saw A blank white Page; Also when I Try to Post a new Comment, post, page or […]

Where do I store custom functions that call custom page template files?

I’ve created a WordPress Page template called head.php I then went into /wp-includes/general-template.php and by replicating the default get_header() function that is already there I added this new custom function underneath : function get_head( $name = null ) { do_action( ‘get_head’, $name ); $templates = array(); $name = (string) $name; if ( ” !== $name […]

How to have multiple WordPress Menus

If possible, could someone answer this in very easy steps as I am new to coding. I was wandering if there is an easy method for having multiple menus in any theme; I have been searching the internet for weeks, to no avail. I would like to have three main menus – excluding the footer […]

Make tag archive display post are ordered by post format

I would like to set up an archive page for tags where posts are displayed separated depending on post format, first post-format-aside then an archive with all posts except the posts already displayed, from-post format-aside. So first I want 4 posts with the post-format-aside format and then I want an archive but without posts from […]

How Should Custom Functions Be Called For Single Posts?

I have been trying to find the answer to this. I want to use the best method performance wise, but also want to make this solution portable as possible. I have created a plugin that adds multiple post types and custom meta fields for each of these post types. Reviews is an example of this. […]