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Twentyten Child Theme: header images display messed up in admin panel

WordPress v 3.0.4 multisite-network enabled, local installation w MAMP 1.9.4, PHP 5.3.2, Theme: Twentyten child TWO PROBLEMS: 1) Display of header image thumbnails in admin panel and 2) path to favicon.ico for child theme (used for main site at root) – both defined in the functions.php file inside child theme folder. Created ‘functions.php’ file in […]

Is there a quick way to find out what posts haven't been tagged?

Basically exactly what the title says, I am running 3.0.1 and want to be able to quickly flag up posts that have no tags currently assigned to them.

window resizing problem

I have been working on a plugin of wordpress, in which i save the last reading position, the width and height of the browser at the time of closing the browser, I save the width and height with jquery height=$(window).height(); width=$(window).width(); and save the values in database so that when the page is loaded next […]

Multi-vendor: each product variation has own vendor

I want to be able to create variation products, where each variation could be assigned to a different vendor. For example: Product: Shoes Style # 1 variation: Size 11, sold by vendor X variation: Size 12, sold by vendor Y Product: Shoes Style # 2 variation: Size 10.5, sold by vendor Z variation: Size 13, […]

Sort custom field by post

Ok it is pretty simple. Every post of my blog has a specific country. So i have the custom field country and then, when i write the article i add: japan, argentina, usa, italy etc. to the post. Now in home i like to have a box like that: Post By Country: Japan (130 posts) […]

WordPress slugs and 404 handling takes preference over folders in site root?

I have wordpress installed and permalink structure set to /%postname%/ In addition to WordPress folders, I also have a public_html/beta folder where I wanted to copy the same site and test some unreleased features. However, whenever I navigate to , I get the WordPress message saying “Sorry, but you’re looking for something that isn’t […]

How to allow visitors to enter custom post type?

I wanted to use a custom post type to create a “share your story” type of feature. People would fill in the text boxes and “share their story”. This would then be automatically posted on to a stories page. But I can’t figure out how to have the data entry page be a decent looking […]

Is it possible to create relational metabox values in a custom post?

I have a custom post type (‘Model’) for a sports modelling agency, and it requires the model to enter sports they are competent at, and also rank their ability from 1 to 5. For example, given the information: Model: Joe Soap. Football: 4. Archery: 2 I would store this in the custom_post_type ‘model’ with the […]

Suggestions for Implementing a Wedding Website in WordPress?

A would like to create a website in WordPress that allows user to create wedding websites. What suggestions can you give me on how to implement it?

Does any one have Idea to get these functionalities with the plugin wp-multi-network

I am using the plugin wp-multi-network( to maintain child networks under multi site.Using this I can create child networks.But I can’t set sign up functionality to child networks .And If the main network is and childnetwork has the domain like childnetwork. .The sites set under this child network would not get the domain […]