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Can 'edit_form_after_editor' messages be varied for specific pages?

I use edit-screen hooks ( display messages on the new/edit admin page for posts and pages. Example: function add_screen_message() { $screen = get_current_screen(); if($screen->post_type==’page’ && $screen->id==’page’) { echo “<p class=\”edit-message\”>Custom message here.</p>”;} add_action(‘edit_form_after_editor’, ‘add_screen_message’); Can this be modified to display a specific message according to page id/name/slug, and if so, how?

Customizer image control default value showing in customizer but not on frontend

I use the WP_Customize_Image_Control to add the image. But, The default value is accessible in Customizer only!!! On front-end It return empty. How to reproduce? Copy below code snippet and paste in your themes functions.php. Visit URL http://YOUR_SITE/wp-admin/customize.php?autofocus[section]=section-test_option to open section Test Section add_action( ‘customize_register’, ‘test_1234_customize_register’ ); add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘test_1234_customizer_ouput_debug’ ); function test_1234_customizer_ouput_debug() { // […]

get_theme_mod outputs number when using WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control

I have added a few sections to the customizer but am having trouble when trying to call the image I have defined. The back end works great but when I call it using get_theme_mod it echos a two digit number, like 23. I have several sections in the theme customizer (non-images) and don’t have any […]

Remove welcome panel from contact form 7 page

I’m trying to remove the welcome panel showing in the contact form page, like in the picture attached, but every code i found removing only the welcome panel in dashboard. I want it to disappear. Thank you

Converting core modification to a plugin

I needed to change two strings shown to the user on the site upon clicking the confirmation links in the email (not to modify the emails sent out). I made the following modifications and it worked.: — wp-activate.bak 2017-02-28 13:01:03.883175677 +0530 +++ wp-activate.php 2017-02-28 13:47:35.000000000 +0530 @@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ require( dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/wp-load.p require( […]

Woocommerce product permalink not working

I have added the product permalink in Settings ->Permalinks to Custom Base /shop/%product_cat% it works fine. But if I updated it to /%product_cat% products page working fine but website pages and posts are redirecting to 404 page. Any idea?

Changer numbers of columns in woocommerce shop

I have a problem with my shop columns in WooCommerce. I would like to display 4 columns in my shop but unfortunately there is just 3 columns. I use the Storefront theme for my shop, so I have looked the storefront-template-fonction.php file and the different apply_filters are setting up on ‘columns’=>4. Exemple: $args = apply_filters( […]

How can i create menu like in the example?

i try to create menu loop with structure like below, but i cant, default function wp_nav_menu doesn’t allow to do that, i don’t understand hot to do it. I need structure like in example with data-remodal-target count and data-remodaul-id. How can i do it? <nav class=”main-menu”> <ul class=”row between”> <li class=”main-menu__item”> <a class=”main-menu__link” href=”#” data-remodal-target=”modal00″>News</a> […]

wordpress shortcode not working

Hi I had created a custom billing field shipping tracking code to add shipping tracking number to the order in the backend and send this info by woocommerce order email to customer automatically returning this value as short code in html. But it doesnt work. What is wrong? Please help. /** * Add Shortcode */ […]

Custom home page with full post for first one only

I’m trying to make a WordPress blog where the home page shows only the 3 most recent posts, but for the newest of these posts, it shows the entire post (not just the teaser content), and then for the other 2, it shows the teaser content with the “read more” button. I’m currently building all […]