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Add URL field to the link post format

I’m building a blog where 95% of posts will be of “link” post format. I’d like to specify the URL explicitly when adding a new “link” post. In a separate field between the title and the content. (Not taken as a first link from the content as Twenty Thirteen does by default) What is the […]

How to use if condition to change $table_prefix in wp_config.php

I am testing a very big database (perhaps wp_posts contains hundreds of thousands of rows). As such, the query time, especially the searching query, is extremely long. I’m thinking if there is any other way to split the WP database to multiple tables with different table prefix so that the url structure does not change […]

Creating a rotating header /image slider using theme customization

So I’m learning WP and I want to create a rotating image slider for the header (like in this) using Theme Customization API. But I can’t figure out how to and what setting should I use to take the images and store it for later animation in HTML/JS. Help?

Tag description doesn't show hyperlink

I have added HTML code into my TAG description box, but for some reason the output doesn’t display the required results. I have even tried to add HREF tag manually into this box, but no hyperlinks are visible. The code contains tag_description();

Receiving Stripe Webhooks on a wordpress website

I have a wordpress website hosted on GoDaddy. I am an advanced stripe user and have integrated stripe with many Ruby on Rails apps , along with stripe-webhook integration with the Rails. Also i am well versed in how web-hooks work. But recently i was made owner of a wordpress website hosted on GoDaddy and […]

Creating multiple hooks for theme

Iam working on a theme in the moment and got to the point where I also want to add some custom hooks to some locations, to enable some more flexibility. I want to add multiple hooks to the theme. I have different sections (header, content, sidebar, footer etc) and on all those locations I want […]

How to prevent first post and first comment on WP MU?

When a user creates a new blog a new post and a new comment is created at the same time. Is there a way to disable this?

How would go about if I just want a temporary function?

How would go about if I just want a temporary function? (It’s a converter just for converting Access to WordPress tables). I want to execute several times so therefore I want it automated, but I don’t know how to execute the function after adding the filter in add_action(). After I’m done converting, I will delete […]

woocommerce Add custom field set like billing fields

I am working on E-commerce functions where i require to Add custom fieldset as Profile Fields the fields in it are as billing Below are the Fields that is needed in My Check out and signup form profile_first_name profile_last_name profile_company profile_address_1 profile_address_2 profile_city profile_postcode profile_country profile_state profile_email profile_phone Can you please guide me on this […]

How to put logs in wordpress

Is there any way that I can log anything in wordpress similar to logs we can do it in Magento. I am integrating a custom plugin in that I have added few functions with help of hooks, So I need to debug something in it. In this I need if I can enter any text […]