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Can't Login to WordPress, No Data Received Error

I can’t login to my WordPress dashboard. When I go to and enter my info, it returns a page that says “No Data Received: Unable to load this page because the server sent no data.” I’ve looked on the WordPress forums and Google and here, but I haven’t found any answers as to why […]

modifying title (in dashboard) for different widget instances

When I insert multiple instances of widget in a particular sidebar, they all appear by default collapsed and with the same title. E.g.: In this case, the user can upload a different pic to each widget, and reorder them as they want. It’s not very user friendly having to click to open each one to […]

Creating a search form and displaying results

Im trying to create a plugin for a site where the user can see a table of orders from customers in the WordPress dashboard, It’s a custom db but I’m using the wp-list-table, I’ve wrecked my brain for hours trying to get the built in search for that working I want to create a search […]

Is there a default way in wordpress to create a overlay in the dashboard?

Is there a default way in wordpress to create an overlay in the dashboard area? I need a jquery ui dialog to open after a button click. This is how it goes: The button click will fire a PHP function using AJAX, which in turn will make an API call and the response will be […]

How can I 'reactivate' .PHP files within a WP plugin that have been marked 'inactive'?

I attemped to edit .PHP files associated with a plugin through the Editor in Dashboard while the plugin was active – all .PHP files associated with that plugin have now been marked ‘inactive’ and the changes are not being reflected on the site. The changes I have made to these documents are reflected in the […]

Add data to post edit page, when post is published

I need to customize the “post edit page”, for a custom post_type, but to keep things simple let’s say it’s on the post_type post for now. When the post status is published, I need to run a PHP script that fetches some data from my database, based on the post_id of the current post. Question: […]

Including a custom options page causes “Pages” to disappear from dashboard menu

I’ve created a custom options page and referenced it through my functions.php file. When i do this, the Pages option is removed from the WP dashboard, almost as if overwritten by the new options page. The pages continue to exist, and I can navigate directly to the new page editor, but I cannot access it […]

Deny dashboard access breaks ajax requests

I need to restrict the access to the dashboard fon non-admin. Therefore i’m using this function in the functions.php: function ggp_restrict_dashboard_access_function() { if (!current_user_can(‘administrator’)){ wp_redirect(home_url()); } } add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘ggp_restrict_dashboard_access_function’, 1); Problem is that because of this, Ajax calls are returning a 301 for non logged in users as well as for logged in non-admin users. […]

Menu page with three columns

Seeing all the postbox-containers in wordpress i was wondering if there is a way to add a third column to a custom wordpress admin menu page. I would like to have something like I get when using the col-md-4 from bootstrap but without bootstrap changing everything else in my dashboard. Is there any way to […]

Dashboard memory overload problem

I have a client who has a dev server, and we continue to have problems. We recently tried to install a new theme, and it’s child, and it did become active, but anytime we try to access the dashboard we get this error. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate […]