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How to remove “WordPress News” feed downloading?

A fresh WordPress install just downloaded 619 kB large feed used for the “WordPress News” widget on the dashboard. This renders things like wp option list useless as the longest line (!) is 600,000 characters wide. I’m looking for a way to completely suppress this functionality.

How To Remove Dashboard Menu Items for Multisite Users?

I’m trying to remove some menu items in the Dashboard of Multisite users. For example my domain name is, his site will be When he logs in to WP Dashboard under, how can I (the admin of remove some options from (left sidebar) menu? For example, I would like to […]

Conflicting post edit options under dashboard

My dashboard( It is multisite Installation ) section for pages and posts conflicts with options when there are morethan 5 data fields . For example : I have these things under my Posts section in dashbpard : Title Author Categories Tags Comments Date Forum-Linked Featured Because of these many fields these options conflicts each other […]

How to solve 500 Error on WordPress Admin Dashboard due to time-out on getdirsize

problem: Only some blogs did not show the dashboard (but did show all other admin pages). I have left this problem for some time (months) since Googling did not bring up anything relevant and I was too lazy to investigate (and could work around it by logging in, getting a 500 error and then press […]

Remove Widgets in Dashboard

Another noob question…when authors log on and access their Dashboard, they see all sorts of widgets such as an Internet Explorer warning, news on what’s going on with WordPress. Is there anyway to remove all of these for all users (present and future), so that they only see the ‘Quick Press’ & ‘Right Now’ widgets? […]

Show Welcome Panel on Dashboard for every user

I have customised the welcome panel on the dashboard for users with information in. I then hid the “Dismiss” button and added CSS to make the welcome panel always visible. Using the ‘welcome_panel’ hook. This works fine for Admins but the Welcome Panel is not displayed for other users such as editors and authors. Its […]

How to redirect non admins to homepage if trying to view

I want all my users (contributors and authors too) but the admin to be redirected to the homepage if they try to view Contributors and Authors must be able to add and edit posts as usual, along with others they’ve to be forced to be redirected… I’ve already removed the link to the dashboard… […]

How to Make a Custom Dashboard Widget to Display Custom Notification from Admin?

I am looking for a way to achieve the following: A group of users ‘students’ They login to the site Each student can see a ‘Custom Dashboard Widget(s)’ Each widget will carry a personal message wrote by Admin for that logged-in student. Such as A] Total Days in the course B] Total attendance C] paid […]

Adding help information to custom post edit page

I have two custom post types created (using Types plugin) with a bunch of custom fields. I need to add a help information, instructions for admins that will show at the top of add new/edit CPT page of dashboard. How can I add a text visible only on those two pages (add/edit post type 1 […]

wp_redirect not working on admin menu page

Im trying to create a admin menu link on the backend dashboard, that will take users to the front end of their site. Im trying to use this code, but for some reason the redirect is not working. // Custom Menus add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘register_web_menu_page’); function register_web_menu_page() { add_menu_page(‘View My Website’, ‘View My Website’, ‘add_users’, ‘web_menu_page’, ‘web_menu_page’, […]