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How and where is wordpress adding mySQL content to database?

I am currently following this steps to change server and domain for my website. I have been exporting and importing mySQL from one data base to the other. I am about to delete the mySQL content of the database to replace it. I am scared that it will mess up my website. How does WordPress […]

/wp-admin/install.php redirecting to 123-reg

This is my first time installing wordpress via FTP, and the first time to an existing host and domain (I normally use EvoHosting, since it’s automatic) I’ve gotten to the stage where I’m heading to /wp-admin/install.php, but it’s redirecting to the host – I’m trying to figure out where I went wrong. I’ve installed […]

Create database on installation

I’m working on a custom wordpress plugin, but I can’t seem to figure out how to create the database when installing the plugin. (Or when updating) When searching around this is what I came up with, but this doesn’t seem to do anything. function to_install() { global $wpdb; $sql = “CREATE TABLE to_issues ( id […]

Making my plugin create a page?

I have created a plugin that creates a table in the database and allows users to add an Item to the table. I would like each item to also create a page for its self so that when the items are listed I can have each one link to there individual pages. Anyone know the […]

restore a db after bad backup

i haven’t got any experience in wordpress so please sorry me if answers seems too trivial. one upon a time i had a blog. then the hosting service expired and i get a backup in a hurry way: the bad way. i copied all the root directory i dumped the mysql database now i’ve just […]

Detail explanation of wordpress database fields and metatag list

I am trying to understand the fields of various table and default list of metatags for the tables, currently being used in wordpress. Though google is showing up various results , but I need a detail one with list.

pull data from a remote wordpress database

I am trying to pull some data from a remote wordpress database. Here is the code I have: $server = “my server code”; $user = “my username”; $password = “my password”; $db = “mydb”; $con = mysql_connect($server,$user,$password); if (!$con) { die(“database connection error”); } else { mysql_select_db($db, $con); function dp_get_user_liked_posts($user_id, $fields = ”) { global […]

After moving my site from a dev subdomain, to root, all my custom meta data is gone

I just movde my site from a dev subdomain, to the root. I have extensive amounts of data saved in custom meta fields which I created with the WpAlchemy class. All of this data is not appearing in the site (back or front end), although it appears to be in the database. This happened right […]

Check if post id exist in table than only update instead of inserting new row

I am trying to add simple view counter for my advert and everything seems works fine with below code but only it is inserting each time new row on post “Update”. What I want if the post id is exists than it should not add or modify anything into that table just ignore so view […]

wordpress database restore – broken link

I’ve tried to play with db backup and restore but I am dealing with difficulties. This what I’ve done: I backed up database using cPanel option and got 8MB large SQL file. Afterwards I installed new WordPress in it’s own new home. I accessed database associated with new installation of WordPress through phpMyAdmin and dropped […]