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WP Database Error (Windows Server 2008 & SQL Server)

I have a WP site up and running for my wife and she attempted to install a text widget that linked to her Twitter account (she says HTML was taken from I am not sure exactly what she did or what was going on, but now she gets the following error when going to […]

How to initialize $wpdb?

I have a .php page in the theme root to check the data of one CUSTOM form. After receiving this data I need to do a query in a custom mysql table, so I need $wpdb, but I can’t use it directly (or doing global $wpdb) because it is a phisical .php file, so the […]

Tons of Twitter rows in my database

I have 264,307 “http” (post_type = http) rows in my wp_posts table. 99% of those have them have this post_title: GET and “error” as the post_status. Can I simply delete these without it affecting my site? My wp_posts table is 5gb! Thanks

Clean database from unused tables

I used to have many plugins installed on one of my sites, and after deleting most of them, I still have a database full of extra tables, I am sure most of them are unused. How do I clean them off?

How wordpress accesses its own database

Hi I’m just curious as to how WordPress accesses it’s own database, meaning that when I look into an admin page like link-manager.php or class-wp-list-table.php I don’t see any occurences of $wpdb. So again, is there an internal way that WordPress queries its own DB? If so, could I use that type of function to […]

What is the easiest way to implement cascading database upgrade for my plugin?

Lets assume following situation: I develop a plugin. The plugin requires custom database table to store some kind of information. From month to month I release new versions of my plugin. Different versions could have their own sets of changes of the table structure and table’s data. For instance: version 1.0.0 has initial setup for […]

WordPress database growing dramatically in size despite adding no new content

I have an old WordPress site that I no longer maintain but keep online anyway. I have a cron job setup on the server that backs up the WordPress database once a month. I am noticing a continuing growth in the size of the database backup. For example, if I go back a few years, […]

Is it possible to import a wordpress backup from a single site in to a multi-site configuration?

I have a local development server with WordPress installed (my desktop Linux Mint 12 box). I’d like to use multi-site WordPress to manage my different client projects through one install, but I have a couple of important questions before I commit to this set-up. 1) Is it possible to import a database backup (created from […]

How to create Sub Sub domain Multi User blogs?

Hi to all I would like to create a big WordPress network with this structure: (Main website) (sub website) (sub-sub website) (sub-sub website) (sub website) (sub-sub website) (sub-sub website) (sub website) (sub-sub website) (sub-sub website) Is it possible using only one wordpress installation with subdomains? […]

I have a table I created, how do I make a form for a user to filter the data?

I have created a table, I now need to filter the data from that table when someone selects options from a form. Whats a good way to do that?