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WordPress doesn't show all posts in database

I have around 140 post in database but wordpress admin page shows just 50 post. How could I let wordpress shows all the posts in database? Thanks

Add custom php database code above <head>

I have a non plugin script that has it’s own database and I want to use it with WordPress. How can I add custom php code that connects to this separate database in my wordpress pages? It needs to go at the top of each page above <html> I am using Genesis Framework. Any help […]

WPML tables not deleted when removing multisite subsite, need help clearing up my sql-file!

I´m building a WP Multisite for a client that wants a multilingual site. Before choosing WP Multisite, I bought and tried out WPML. However that plugin didn’t fit for the job so I deleted it and got a refund. However, now this seems to come back pestering me somehow. Now when using Multisite, I have […]

How do I copy a wordpress database?

I’m trying to migrate my wordpress site from an old host to a new host. The WordPress Codex says “you can move by just copying your files and database.” Copying the files is easy enough, but how do I copy my database? I’m sure I’m just not looking in the right places, but I can’t […]

How to store an extra (surrogate) ID when creating a post with wp_insert_post?

I am generating posts based on rows from a table on an existing database. If a row in the database gets updated I will have to update the respective post. The proble is that I have to find the post to be able to update it, and I don’t have any suitable key for that… […]

Accidentally deleted active_plugins portion of the wp_options DB table

Ok, so I’m pretty sure I’m screwed here, because I do not have a database backup, but I figured I’d ask just in case. Within PhpMyAdmin, I meant to just go to the wp_options table and empty out active_plugins portion of this table due to not being about to login because of a plugin error. […]

Default Plugin Settings Not Writing to Database

I have my plugin setup as such: Main plugin file mouldings.php <?php /* Plugin Name: Moulding Profiles Plugin URI: Description: Creates a ‘Moulding Profiles’ and ‘Idea Gallery’ custom post type, creates a ‘Wood Types’ and ‘Categories’ taxonomy for ‘Moulding Profiles’ Version: 0.1 Author: Author URI: License: GPL2 */ // Global Variables $mouldings_prefix = ‘mouldings_’; $mouldings_name […]

Export all content from wordpress

Evening all. I’ve decided instead of upgrading the install of wordpress that I have, to just take the content (my writeups, comments, pages) and move them to the new site install. Is there an easy way to do this at all, or would it just be simpler to just move the old DB to the […]

Is the wordpress user-model changed in wpmu?

I’m running wpmu on heroku using a postgres extension. It works great, but I have a plugin that needs to get the userId based on the e-mail-adress. This is how it does it: $sql = ‘SELECT id FROM ‘ . $wpdb->users . ‘ WHERE user_email=\” . addslashes($from) . “‘ LIMIT 1;”; $user_ID = $wpdb->get_var($sql); $wpdb->get_var($sql) […]

Custom Post Type or Custom Tables

I am in the process of writing a plugin that allows end-users to submit a form that includes customer information. Upon submission, I am notified that a new customer has submitted the request form. If I approve the account, I am going to create a WordPress user account. I am at the beginning stages of […]