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moving local database to a multisite wordpress

I’m fairly new to WordPress and I’m a little confuse on how to take the database from my local server and replace it with the one on the server on a WordPress multisite. I’ve replace database before from local to server, but it was a multisite. The step I usually take is: backup the database […]

Undefined Variable: mysqli error when connecting to database

I know this question has been asked before, but the solutions have not been working for myself. I am receiving this error while trying to connect to a database from within a wordpress template file. Notice: Undefined variable: mysqli in /Path to file/ on line 11 From what I have read it is a global […]

Plugin Development for registered users

I am new to plugin development for WordPress but not new to software development. This question is to get an idea of the “best practice” style for the following question. I need to make a form only available to registered users, who ideally have a username that is a specific numbers-only is that they already […]

Will changing the folder name two directories above a fresh wordpress installation break the site?

I have a client who would like two WordPress installs on his LAMP stack. The thing is he forgot to give me the directory names that he wants them on. So as per standard LAMP stack each site will be /var/www. These will be completely blank WordPress installs, so I’m wondering if I’ll be able […]

How to get membershiplevel from WordPress Database?

I have a quick question and I hope some of you can help me out. The thing is I have this plugin that can put a badge to a profile picture manually. But since my website is a community it would be kind of a pain in the a** (sorry for the language) if I […]

How to import a custom MySQL DB table into a WordPress custom post type

What I’ve done so far is create a plugin that creates a custom post type, takes a field(ID from the custom DB) and also creates a couple of page templates. I have a custom MySQL DB that is on the same server as a WP install. What I need is to import a MySQL DB […]

How to remove /year/month from uploaded medias?

I have removed year/month from my media’s structure, But still i have a thousand of images using the old structure. I need to remove the year/month from these published attachments, however i noticed that the metadata saved in the database is serialized and i can’t simply use a text editor to replace them. There is […]

Is there a better way to list all database terms alphabetically?

I have a wordpress site (still in development on my localhost, sorry I can’t provide a link) that provides definitions and explanations for common 6th grade math concepts. The main part of the site is a concept map or web, but my boss also wants us to provide a functionality to browse the terms alphabetically, […]

1 Database for multiple WordPress themes

I am the owner of a small company that makes wordpress websites for entrepeneurs. When we go to a customer, we want to show some examples of themes we could be going to use. We want the themes to display some information of the customer, like a logo. a header title and some personal information. […]

How can I change the meta_key for a particular piece of information?

I’ve been adding on to a plugin I’m using that works well overall, but has several issues that I’ve been having to go in and fix within it’s core files. The issue I’m dealing with right now is trying to fix how certain information is stored in the database. The plugin enables private messaging. The […]