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Where to store custom tagging data associated with a custom post type

My application allows users to add tags to an image (similar to facebook). Each tag can consist of up to 8 attributes and there is currently no limit on the amount of tags a user can add. At the moment, tag information is stored across 3 post meta key/value pairs. Each post meta value is […]

Within the database, where is the flag which says that a user has Super Admin rights?

I have an user in a WordPress Multisite installation and have access to the Mysql database, I would like to give myself super-admin rights to access the wp-admin/network page. Where can I do it on Mysql? I looked the database and I think the wp_usersmeta table is the one, but I have no idea how […]

How to create and work with custom data / tables (i.e., for arbitrary data)?

Getting started on WordPress just today. I noticed that WordPress created tables in a mySql database (with name *.wrdp1) when I first set it up. These tables cover comments, posts, users, and some link-relationships. Now, let’s say I would like to work with a new set of data. Suppose I were to create a page […]

One post carries 30 postmeta values, is this too much?

I have some data saved as post meta, occasionally some plugins may save an extra piece. Now I installed bbpress, it saves at least 10 pieces of post meta. Adding them together, there are nearly 35 pieces of post meta per post. I think WordPress can handle much more if without bbpress. With bbpress forum, […]

Custom search page and search by title, content and tag

Can someone review my code , I need to know better solutions or any bug. Okey ! , I made a PHP file to get search results by parameters and search by title , content and tag PHP’s head look like: include(‘../../../../wp-config.php’); header(‘Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8’); $keyword = $_GET[‘k’]; That I will bring search results by jQuery after. […]

How WordPress attaches its Featured Images with posts?

I’m working on a WP_Query(), where I’m trying to fetch all the images using ‘post_type’ => attachment and ‘post_parent_in’ => array( 1688 )(I want to pass some more post_ids) along with other parameters. With these I can fetch all the attachments, but the featured image. I attached two different images into a post to check […]

Maintenance holding page while migrating website

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with the right procedure for establishing a holding page while migrating a local WP site to an already live server. I know there are lots of maintenance mode plugins. However, if I’m migrating/replacing WordPress files on the server and migrating the database, won’t the plugin […]

Duplicate domain database to local – How?

I’ve noticed that my process is rather slow and i’d like to speed it up. I want to be able to duplicate my database from my domain which is and work locally thus speeding up the process. The reason I want to do that is because our website has specific loops that I cannot […]

Is there a way to run upgrade.php for one blog?

I just ran the auto update to verion 3.9 today, but am having problems with the “Network Update”. I seem to have a firewall or network problem with this error : Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: couldn’t connect to host Anyways, is there a way […]

Cannot update custom database table row

I am trying to update a row in a custom database table by $wpdb->update();. In my opinion my code is right but for some reason my database row doesn’t update. Can anyone help me with this? I want to update a the status of a transaction in the table wp_mollie_transactions where the transaction_id is equal […]