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ERROR: “Table Prefix” must not be empty

I’m having trouble trying to setup WordPress for local development, I tried to install it, but even though I fill up the form to setup config file I still get the same error, I can connect to database, but I don’t know why it keeps giving that error. I also tried using the wp-config-sample.php but […]

WP_Query with page_ids in arguments without a result

I want to get some pages with WP_Query: $resume_args = array(); $resume_args[‘post_type’] = ‘resume’; $resume_args[‘posts_per_page’] = -1; //$resume_args[‘page_id’] = array(9046, 9346); //No results! $resume_args[‘page_id’] = 9046; //Works fine $resume_args[‘s’] = ‘gassi gehen’; $resumes = new WP_Query($resume_args); But if I use for [‘page_id’] an array I don’t get any results. If I only use one page_id […]

Get wp_current_user_id using PHP and MySQL

awesome people of the Stack Community! Like the newbie coder I am, it took many hours but at last I got: a HTML form inside wordpress -> to submit value to MySQL database -> and then store the values inside the table. This page and form requires a login to use, so what I’m trying […]

Scheduling posts in database

I have more than 100 posts to schedule. I have set the date and the status (future) with a SQL query. But when the time comes the post is not published and in desktop I can read message ‘Schedule lost’. The system (cron) is working properly, because manual schedules are working normally. How does the […]

SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS with wordpress search

When I make a search on my site no posts are retrieved and through wordpress debug I get this error message: WordPress database error: [Table ‘theme_se.wp_comments‘ doesn’t exist] SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS wp_theme_se_posts.ID FROM wp_theme_se_posts WHERE 1=1 AND ( (wp_posts.post_title LIKE ‘%paradox%’) OR (wp_posts.post_content LIKE ‘%paradox%’) OR EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID = wp_posts.ID […]

Regenerate user_nicename column

I’m struggling with a database issue. I took control over a solution created by someone else. When inserting / updating users in the database, the earlier developers wrote a custom database script to update the wp_users table, and not through WordPress’s API. They found out that they would use the user_nicename column for storing the […]

Can I customised default WP table

I have a XML file that consist of product information. Format of XML file : <product> <name>Product-1</name> <description>this is product 1 description</description> <category>Category-1<category> <merchant>1234</merchant> <price>12</price> <instock>1<instock> <stockstatus>45</stockstatus> <image></image> <manufacture>987</manufacture> </product> I need to write a script that will add these detail as a product. For now I am not using any WP plugin for eCommerce […]

Finding the login page from database?

long story short I was given the login information for an older gentleman who unfortunately passed away who managed a young lady’s WordPress website. Was asked to manage and update the site for the lady. I don’t have a ton of experience in WordPress, but hey. Here’s the issue. The site doesn’t use any default […]

Add post overwriting permalink from previous post in 4.6

Since updating to 4.6, I’ve noticed that if I add a second post shortly after the first, I’m overwriting the first post. The editor is blank, but permalink is the pre-existing post. I simply have no idea if this is a database issue, server issue, or what. I’ve turned off W3TC caching and it doesn’t […]

How to direct my site to the proper URL without Dashboard

While messing around in the settings on the Dashboard, I changed the address of the site into a subdomain of the site. This means that WordPress forwards all links to a subdomain (ex: redirects to Because the dashboard itself is on a subdomain in WordPress it also gets redirected to an unknown address. […]