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datepicker value in mysql

I am using a plugin WP-Types for custom post types in which there is a option to create custom fields in which i created one date field for my requirement. Now what happens when i add any date into it .. It will store some kind of wired value ( for me ) in mysql […]

How do I sanitize the str_replace function in javascript variables

I have the following code in the javascript which outputs the date(s). With backslash for that, I’m replacing those strings with the str_replace to remove backslash, but I can’t sanitize that using any escaping function like esc_js. Stored Days Array array (size=2) 0 => string ‘4/7/2018’ (length=8) 1 => string ’11/18/2017′(length=10) The code var disabledDays […]

how to make wordpress plugin from PersianWebToolkit?

I want to create a WordPress plugin by developing PersianWebToolkit it’s a datepicker i just want to say i have a little knowledge in php i saw someone who do it but i didn’t know how to do it. link of question thank’s

Query between dates using Date Picker fields

I’m looking to replace an events plugin that i have on my website currently. We realize we don’t need a full blown calendar and things like that, we just need to be able to enter in Events with a start and end date and also custom times. I made custom fields for start date and […]

Convert WordPress date format to jQuery UI Datepicker format

I wrote the following function to convert the current WordPress date format into a format that can be recognized by the jQuery UI Datepicker: From: To: /** * Convert a date format to a jQuery UI DatePicker format * * @param string $dateFormat a date format * @return string */ function dateFormatTojQueryUIDatePickerFormat($dateFormat) { […]

Set default date in datepicker of the advance custom field

I am using advance custom field in my wordpress project. In it i have added 2 datepickers as custom fields into page. Now the main problem is whenever i add new page both the datpicker by default comes empty, but i want to set current date of the server in it, that is whenever i […]

date/time-picker and file upload (image) fields for custom fields (e.g. with more fields)

I got used working with the More Fields plugin. But it seems that fields like datepicker timepicker date/timepicker image upload (media library) are missing somehow. Is there a plugin which can do that? I already found Advanced Custom Fields together with the Date and Time Picker Field Addon or Simple Fields. But both seems to […]

datepicker works on widgets options page, but not on customizer

I have a widget with a date option field, which works correctly when in the dashboard, but fails to display when on the theme customizer. I declare the field for the in the form() method like this (one input field for the date-picker, and another for the altField): $form .= ‘<span class=”widget-field”>’; $form .= sprintf( […]

Order and group posts by acf by month and year

How can group posts by month and year by a separate headline? Example (output with this date format): Dezmber 2014 – 4. Dez 2014 – 5. Dez 2014 I have a custom field (datepicker) “event_date”. <?php $the_query = new WP_Query( array( ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’, ‘meta_key’ => ‘event_date’, ‘orderby’ => ‘meta_value’ ) ); $current_header = ”; […]

Update WordPress 4.7.5 to 4.8 caused datepicker shows wrongly

Update WordPress 4.7.5 to 4.8 caused data picker problem before updating I used google jquery libraries to avoid userpro conflict but after updating , stopped userpro and use google jquery libraries plugins, the data picker still problem