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Add jQuery UI datepicker to admin panel

I created a custom post type with a couple of fields where the user can enter the start date and the end date for a project. I am trying to implement the jQuery datepicker but nothing happens when I click on the input fields using 1.7.3; if I use 1.8 it throws an error $(input).zIndex […]

jQuery UI Datepicker not working

i want to add a datepicker on a custom page but i doesn not work. WP version is 3.2.1. Those are the init string i used on wp code: wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-ui-core’); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-ui-datepicker’, get_bloginfo(‘template_url’) . ‘/js/jquery-ui-datepicker.min.js’, array(‘jquery’,’jquery-ui-core’)); wp_enqueue_style(‘jquery.ui.theme’, get_bloginfo(‘template_url’) . ‘/js/smoothness/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.css’); Those enqueques generate this code: <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script> <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script> <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script> <link […]

Convert jQuery Datepicker Format to SQL Date Format

I set the jQuery Datepicker format to D d.m. displayed as Th 3.3. for a custom meta field that I want to use to sort posts. In SQL, the custom meta field is saved as D d.m. I would like to display the D d.m. format on the front end and store it as mm-dd-yy […]

Add a Jquery Datepicker to custom field in post edit

I would like to add a custom field that is set by a jquery datepicker ui in the post edit panel. Im new to wordpress, so Im not sure how to go about adding something like this. I haven’t had much luck with plugins, so I would like to know how one would go about […]

Locale filter in conjunction with new datepicker localization

So in WordPress 4.6 they added the localization to the jQuery datepicker to be automatic. I am posting here first because I am not sure if this is actually a bug with WP or if I am doing something wrong. If I set my language in the settings to French then the datepicker correctly gets […]

How Do I Use jQuery UI In My Plugin

It’s a sad day in the world when I Google something and it returns nothing. I am trying to use the default datepicker (or ANY datepicker at this point) and am unable to because of my lack of knowledge with WordPress/PHP. In my plugin, I am attempting to register jquery and the ui and apparently […]

Inbuilt style for jquery-ui-datepicker

I want to use the datepicker that gets bundled with WordPress on the front end of a website. I enqueued jquery-ui-datepicker but the datepicker isn’t styled(no js error in console). Is there a corresponding wp_enqueue_style for that? I used this code in functions.php function rr_scripts() { wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery’ ); wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery-ui-datepicker’, array( ‘jquery’ ) ); […]