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WordPress Workflow – version control, deployment = database issue

I’m trying to work version control into developing a WordPress site, but I’m unable to solve the issue of DB synchronization. For simplicity’s sake, I will describe a scenario with just Live and Staging websites and repos: Pull down Live DB to Staging DB Do the same for code Install WP plugin on Staging. Tweak, […]

Redirect all to

I have my website working from, but customers should not need to type it all. If they just type it should take them to

Making WordPress Local Again?

I’ve been working on a WordPress site for a while and have gone to make it live this afternoon. After following this tutorial video (, I went into settings on my localhost installation and changed them to my live site, therefore my local WordPress installation no longer works. Is there an easy way to access […]

What are the best practices for maintaining and deploying several parent themes?

I’ve been trying to commission a freelancer to make me a custom website and hit a roadblock when I said I wanted a parent theme. The freelancer strongly preferred to make a child theme based on his self-made, free go-to theme that he updated frequently. Justin Tadlock did a great writeup on Frameworks? Parent, child, […]

Deploying WordPress for clients – what do they have access to?

I’ve developed websites from scratch up till now and would like to switch to using WordPress to save time and money. I’ve done some theme customization and plugin work so far. I can see that users can update posts and customize themes themselves from /wp-admin. What I’m concerned about it – is that how projects […]

Trouble with WordPress local development and deployments

The Setup: I’m setting up a WordPress-powered application using Elastic Beanstalk from Amazon Web Services. All development is being done locally under a MAMP apache2/php5 server environment with a GIT repository controlling the entire application root. Deployment Workflow: After committing any code changes (edits, new plugins, etc) to the repo the application is deployed using […]

Different versions of WordPress between local and production

First off, I am a WordPress newbie so please be gentle! 🙂 Long story short, I have been given a project in mid-flight. Development computer has WordPress 3.8.1 setup with Microsoft Webmatrix. A purchased theme with customizations and content exists on this box. The client has an already purchased domain and hosting package from network […]

Update a custom theme with Subversion?

Before I start: I’m not sure if this is feasible so any guidance, suggestions, criticisms are welcome. I’m looking for an easy way to deploy my WordPress theme code from my development environment (local computer running WAMP) to my staging and production environments (both are hosted servers). The ideal workflow I am looking for would […]

Workflow for working with git and WordPress

As my site becomes more important to my business, I want to have better version control so I can look up past changes and backup my code. I keep seeing people talking about having their entire site in git and I want to know how that works. I currently have my custom theme in my […]

Initial wordpress deploy via git

Currently, I’ve got my local machine setup and pushing to staging via git. There are cases where I upload images locally to test admin page interaction. In my .gitignore file I’m ignoring everything but the theme and plugin folders. I’m curious as to how you handle the initial push to a staging server. Namely the […]