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Why last blog post excerpt is shown instead of meta description?

Instead of meta description of my main page Google shows excerpt from my last blog post. How do I fix that?

show term description instead of list terms of custom taxonomy

For a custom post type (review) I have enabled a few custom taxonomies. One of them is author rating and for that I have added images to the description field of the terms in the taxonomy (1 star to 5 stars). Now I am wondering how to show that description instead of the term itself […]

wp_insert_term does not insert description.

I’m using this code. I cannot figure out what the heck is wrong with it? $args = array( ‘description’,”My Desc”, ‘slug’ => “My Slug”, ‘parent’ => 0 ); $result = wp_insert_term(“Term1”, “category”, $args); The result is that term is added, term_taxonomy is added. Slug is added. But the darn description is skipped. wp_terms: term_id name […]

how to remove description from menu buttons?

I just installed WordPress into my server and I am currently using the “graphene” theme to test my wordpress blog. I have two pages in addition to the front page, which is “about us” and “sample page”. I noticed that if I’m using a custom menu order that is created from the “menu” section under […]

Category Descriptions – HTML?

Is it possible to allow HTML to be rendered in Category descriptions? My theme uses them quite a lot, and I’d like to style them better with images and links. This seems to be do-able from what I read elsewhere, but I wondered if there is a best practice to get it to work (I’d […]

Change wordpress meta tag description using WP functions

I do apprecciate this may sound like the usual question, but it is not. Just to let you understand I do not need to install one of the many SEO Plugin and change it on the box before content is published. My scenario is the following: I have a page which Querystring may change the […]

Change the meta description on a specific page?

I want to change the title and meta description on my homepage if it’s opened on an android phone. I have this code that changes the title, inside functions.php: /** Modify the front/home page title for Android devices **/ add_filter( ‘wp_title’, function( $title ) { return ( is_front_page() || is_home() ) && isset( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] ) […]

How to display a user's bio (not the author or logged in user)

I’d like to (in php) display a given user’s avatar and bio (description) and some social media for them (based on their profile info fields). For example, on Page1, display user Walt Whitman’s (user number 9999) picture, description (bio), and social media links, regardless of who wrote the page or who is logged in reading […]

Is this the proper way to get a taxonomy description into a post template?

I’m wanting to include a taxonomy description in the header on a post template page. I’ve got the code below working but is it the proper way? Is there a better way to grab and display the description from a custom taxonomy? <?php $pubdescs = get_the_terms( $post->ID ,’publication’ ); foreach( $pubdescs as $pubdesc ) { […]

How to add meta tag to wordpress posts filter?

For example, I have an url: It’s not considered as single post or single page to add meta tag via SEO plugin. And to this page I want to add something like: <meta name=”description” content=”All posts by author admin.”/> Is there are any way to do this? Thanks in advance!