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Alternative default avatar generator?

Most of the commenters at my WordPress blog do not have a Gravatar account. Hence the comment section is almost always filled with the same old mystery man avatars. I am looking for custom gravatar generators for commenters without their own avatar. So far I have only found Identicons, MonsterID’s, and Wavatars. I find some […]

Should WordPress plugins adhere to WordPress admin panel styling?

In general, should you try to visually adhere to default WordPress admin style (button shapes, colors, etc). Are there any benefits of custom styling except for branding (I suppose that WP teams does some usability tests on their designs)?

Archiving annual festival site

I have a query regarding managing a wordpress setup, I am sure others have been in a similar situation and was wondering what would be the best solution. I manage an annual festival’s website, each year has a different theme / design and event details, this is archived each year [ ie at etc.] […]

Assigning Multiple Layout Designs with Custom Pages in WordPress?

(Moderator’s note: This question was previously titled “How to add multiple custom page in wordpress”) I am developing a WordPress site and right now I have a custom home page and others are default WordPress pages. Now I want to add one another custom page for some landing page. It will not be sub-page. This […]

WordPress book for graphic designers?

Is there a good WordPress book intended for graphic designers? I’ve started working with a friend in an arrangement where he designs a site and I build it in WordPress. This works great since I have the design sense of a blind monkey. He would like to learn more about WordPress and how best to […]

Alternate header image

Is there a convenient and configurable way to alternate between different header images? The main features I’m looking for are: Random select from a set of images Specific header image in given date range (a la Google Doodle) Specific header image for specific posts or pages

When calling wp_title(), do you have to create some kind of “title.php” file?

… or does wp_title() already handle the various contexts in your blog? This could clarify for me how I can achieve a reusable index.php file without having all the conditional statements inside it to handle the different title formats in the given context (page, single, posts, search, archive, date, etc…) Also, Could a specific post […]

Why are theme templates organized as multiple point of entry PHP files instead of reusing your theme's index.php?

I’ve started to develop my own theme in the past couple weeks (and extracting WP functionality here and there in the past year), and I’m finding the structure of the WP templates awful redundant. Although that yes, technically, the blog starts somewhere higher above to load the WP functionality, the main WP_Query object, and some […]

WordPress Plugin Look & Feel

Is there a list of the ID’s and Classes I can give HTML elements in the admin panel in order to closely mimic the wordpress look and feel?

Plugin Architecture/Design Pattern – is better to use a private Observer/Mediator Pattern for plugin subclasses or WP add_action?

I’m coding a very complex plugin which it’s organized as a parent “container” class and several subclasses, where each subclass is an optional/mandatory element which usually (but not always) maps to his own add_submenu_page. Basically, it’s a plugin with his private set of let’s call them “subplugins”. Every subclass/subplugin has its own (big) set of […]