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How do I get access to the CSS Editor

I have a blog which is hosted by an ecommerce company who also host my website and online store. Because of this, they uploaded the theme I requested – Penscratch. I couldn’t do it myself. I now want full access so that I can edit the design of the blog fully. At the moment, within […]

How can I remove clutter from my page?

I have much clutter on my page: a search field with capital letters and centered: latest posts latest comments archive categories meta with smaller and small letters: home page administration logout RSS (post) RSS (comment) and Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Argent by Automattic On a blog site they would be useful but […]

Category page not showing

I installed wordpress 4.7.3. After that I created one “Test” category. After that I created one post and assigned to that “Test” category. Then I go to front end, in the right menu and clicked on “Test” category. Then it shows page with text “OOPS! THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND.” “It looks like nothing was […]

Isn't the way posts are displayed very unefficient?

I’m pretty much a WP newbie, and I’ve noticed that in a lot of themes, there is the exact same code for displaying posts in three different places (single.php, archive.php, index.php etc) This just bugs me. It doesn’t seem right to me, a programmer always trying to code as efficiently as possible. What is the […]

How to change format of file link (<a url=“file_link”> Name </a>) when insert from media uploder

I want change some default wordpress functionality. From Media library when we select a file and press “Insert into page” (other than image file) It inserts in format <a url=”file_link”> Name </a> I want to change this default format. option 1 : I want to add extra tags before A tag OR Option 2 : […]

Unique design inside a specific category's url

I been modifying a WordPress theme, and for some specific pages that need a specific design I placed a php file named page-specific-url.php where specific-url is the page I want to show. The problem I am facing is the location of the specific page I need to design is inside of of a category so […]

Creating Multiple Menus when using the TwentyTen Theme?

How to get multiple menus in TwentyTen theme?

Want to Show Sub categories under Categories section using Woo Commerce

Hi I’m working on an e commerce project in which I need to show the categories like this. Category1 Sub-Category1 Sub-Category2 Sub-Category3 Category2 Category3 Sub-Category1 Sub-Category2 How can I do this in Woo Commerce?

Howto accurately position images with maximum flexibility?

I got a request to develop the following design with WordPress: (design is pixelated by me for the purpose of privacy). As you can see there is a pretty random structure of image placement and the webmaster should have maximum flexibility in deciding how to place images, how many and in which size. So […]

Corrupt WordPress Design/Appearance

This question already has an answer here: WordPress admin menu formatting issue 1 answer