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Associate Page with User

We currently have a setup where anyone can register as a user and their own ‘page’ gets created manually by admin. We need a menu option to be something like ‘View Your Page’ and direct a user to their own page. I can’t get my head around it as there is no current link between […]

No Error Log File, no debug info

My error when writing a plugin for uploads and yes, I can debug. But it just jumps directly from this line to destruct the end of my wp-config.php EDIT: // Enable WP_DEBUG mode define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); // Enable Debug logging to the /wp-content/debug.log file define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true); /** Sets up WordPress vars and included files. */ require_once(ABSPATH […]

Debugging Technique Question re: functions.php

I needed to develop a technique to delete some data from the database. The technique will be part of a plugin at some point. For immediate results, I was editing functions.php on my local dev site, placing the necessary commands at the bottom of the file and reloading the page upon saving. Is this considered […]

Find and replace domain name on the fly?

Please read this carefully as it is not what you might be expecting. I’m building my site in a development sub domain. I don’t want to have to go through the complications of running find and replace plugins after moving the site to the live area (as this can often go wrong on some serialized […]

Why WordPress architecture is not pure object oriented and it don't use MVC pattern?

I am pretty new in WordPress and PHP development (I came from Java and C#) and I am a bit astonished about how WP is structured. Coming from Java and C# I’m used to work on totally object oriented architectures and now, working on WP, it seems to me that it is not totaly object […]

How to correctly add JQuery in a WP theme?

I am pretty new in WordPress and I have the following doubt: I have to include JQuery into a theme and I am doing in this way: I create the following function into functions.php theme file and I add it as action: function load_java_scripts() { // Load FlexSlider JavaScript that handle the SlideShow: wp_enqueue_script(‘jQuery-js’, ‘’, […]

Are there any security issues with setting the WP_INSTALLING constant to true?

Running WordPress 4.1 on a CentOS 6.5 instance through VirtualBox as a dev server. When logged in as admin on both ssl and non-ssl sites WordPress curl requests are taking a long time to run (45+ seconds overall before page loads). This renders my dev site unusable, as you can imagine. While browsing around I […]

Version control for both Vagrant config and themes being developed

I have set up a local WordPress development environment using Chassis (based on Vagrant), this needed a bit of tweaking to get it how I like, so I feel like I should have this under version control. There will be changes in future. I will be using this WordPress install for theme development, ideally I […]

What should I do? A multisite, a single website or many websites?

I’m working on a big website project, we have some time allowed to redo the website first. Currently, it’s a multisite with 2 working sites, one is the landing page and the main content, the other is the blog. I’ve got 2 other hidden sites, one is a wiki which is not ready, one is […]

How to transfer changes from test environment to live site?

As with most other software it’s safer to try new plugins, configuration options or template changes in a separate testing environment, see e.g. WordPress local development environment. Most questions and answers I’ve seen about this is the simpler case: doing the initial development locally and then deploy everything to the live site. That is easy. […]