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WordPress as thesaurus/dictionnary: what approach?

I’m willing to develop a thesaurus/dictionary for the Berber language. A website that allows comunity members to add new words/synonyms/antonyms.. How to relate words (posts) to each other? by using tags? but with this approach, it’s hard to keep organization when posts names/slugs are modified; then tags should be updated too.. consider the word “big” […]

Categories: A Greenhorn Question on Strategy (Not Code)

Im having an issue in my category set-up logic Let’s say I sell new/used (including Vintage) Drums/Drum Parts wherein a user can search by new, used or by individual part. So let’s say they choose to search by individual part on Cymbals. The search results page should then display a listing of Cymbals should also […]

Why WordPress architecture is not pure object oriented and it don't use MVC pattern?

I am pretty new in WordPress and PHP development (I came from Java and C#) and I am a bit astonished about how WP is structured. Coming from Java and C# I’m used to work on totally object oriented architectures and now, working on WP, it seems to me that it is not totaly object […]

Staging setup for multisite installation

I’d like to setup a staging instance of my multisite network and I’m not sure how best to do it. I’m will be using version control to deploy to staging and production environments and I’d like the staging to be a full mirror of the production multisite network. How feasible is it to set this […]

WordPress development using Docker – how to share directories?

I normally use vagrant (VVV or bedrock flavours) for local WordPress development. But I want to learn how to use Docker. I’ve installed it with Boot2Docker, ran Docker and learned how to pull images or even start a Nginx WordPress container which successfully responded on my local host machine via http. The docs from Docker […]

Is it possible to import a wordpress backup from a single site in to a multi-site configuration?

I have a local development server with WordPress installed (my desktop Linux Mint 12 box). I’d like to use multi-site WordPress to manage my different client projects through one install, but I have a couple of important questions before I commit to this set-up. 1) Is it possible to import a database backup (created from […]

Does WordPress not use relative URLs?

The articles/posts I’ve read about migrating WordPress between local/staging/live servers talk about having to migrating the URLs each time – is this true? Or can you simply switch WordPress to use relative URLs? Sorry if this is basic but hard-coded URLs make no sense so thought I’d check before following bad advice.

Flexible WordPress theme creation using themes

I’m working on a plan to build new WordPress themes very rapidly. Though, I have some question about it’s implementation. Here’s the plan. Discover what the content is the client wants on their site, along with any goals they have..etc Find a plain html / css/ js designed site that the client likes a lot. […]

WordPress Active and Development server best practices

I currently have a separate WordPress install on a subfolder /dev and the live site in the root directory. I developed the site on the dev folder and then copied it over when it was complete. I want to maintain the dev site for future enhancement testing. Is there a better or easier way to […]

How to edit an existing WordPress theme?

I’ve been hired to modify/update/change an existing WordPress theme. The site is already live, and I’m wondering how to work on the theme locally first.