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Custom Post Types database persistance. Why not?

My background is .NET/C#/Laravel e.t.c I am beginning to like very much WP and i started educating myself on using WordPress as a development framework. I tried something very simple. Create an entity and have a basic CRUD on this entity and then show it up in my frontend. Nothing tricky right? So after reading […]

WordPress Multisite – configuring a local development copy

I’ve just inherited a word press project that has been configured as a word press multi site. I typically just place the word press installation into a sub folder on my wamp server for development purposes, get a copy of the database, and then do a search + replace throughout the sql dump to have […]

rename wordpress wp-includes folder in directory

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Cloning and syncing a WordPress website

I plan to bulid up a nice developer environment and for this I need to clone the actual running website to a 100% into a dev directory. I’ve now uploaded the same version of wordpress as on my running site and wondering if I could enter the same database and the same prefix as for […]

How to do big modifications to live site?

How do you make large site wide modifications to your live site without bringing it down? I don’t have a team of web designers and will be doing this solo. But still need to keep the site up and running. I’m implementing some changes to the current responsive web design. Some changes will cascade across […]

Is there a way to test my code quickly in WordPress environment?

When I write answers for questions on WPSE, or when I want to try a piece of short and simple code, I need a place to quickly test the results without actually doing permanent change to any file. For example, let’s say I want to test this: <?php echo get_post_meta(); ?> I can put this […]

How should I go about registering JavaScript that isn't a file?

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Can this site be built using wordpress?

I want to know if this site can be built with wordpress, I’m a programmer and I don’t know anything about wordpress, how I’m just to get some good advices from you guys: The main aim of the site is to allow users to view several places of interest in a country Administrator: -create a […]

How can I update dev links for a live site?

Our scenario is a large MultiSite network, our team builds stage sites for clients by creating a new subsite on the network, so the URL for dev work and then for the client to preview is something like Now once all content is good and the client OK’s going live, the domain gets mapped […]

Development environment

We have an internal project where two developers work together, each one on each local environment and they integrate their work on a small shared server. I’ve realized that whenever someone does something (e.g., installing a new plugin), they need to agree how the sync across the three environments, usually manually using plugins such as […]