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How to show Disqus comments and pingbacks?

I use disqus to handle comments on my blog. I also like to have pingbacks from various posts back and forth to each other (and from outside sources. However, I noticed today that while the comment count at the bottom of a post will show the total number of “comments” (including pingbacks), only the Disqus […]

Custom Post Type loops and Disqus

I’ve created a CPT for a site I’m working on at the moment called “campaigns”. I’ve created a page which displays some content as well a custom loop which displays the most recent Campaign. Everywhere else on the site I’ve used Disqus for commenting and I’d like to use Disqus here – but it doesn’t […]

Custom disqus_identifier not properly changing default value

I have several pages that are all part of the same topic, and I would like them to use the same comment thread on Disqus. I am using the following code to pull the custom identifier from a custom field: <?php //Attempt to get identifier $disqus = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘disqusid’, true); //if isset & not blank […]

Tracking Disqus comments on Google Analytics

I’m using Disqus for my blog comments, and Google Analytics for tracking users. I have both implemented using plugins (Disqus Comment System and Google Analyticator). I’d like to track comments, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I have researched the problem, and there’s some documentation for it, but it’s not very clear. […]

How to change style of Disqus comment count on main page

I have recently installed the Disqus comment plugin on my blog and so far so good. I’d like to be able to change the style of the comment count on the main page and I’m not having much luck after some searching. If you visit my blog,, with and without JS enabled you will […]

Disqus over the default commenting engine, what are some pros and cons?

As subjective as this question might sound, pros and cons in the technical sense is what I’m looking for as answers. I’ve been using WordPress for about 2-3 weeks and 9/10 of the comments are spam, so I’m think it would be a lot better if I use a disqus because it’s “more social” in […]

How to show Disqus comment count number only without text?

I’m using Disqus WordPress plugin. When the page is not fully loaded yet, there’s only comment count but after that Disqus auto appends the string Comments to that which looks really ugly. From the theme: <div class=”comment-bubble”> <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>#comments” class=”comments-link”><?php comments_number(‘0’, ‘1’, ‘%’); ?></a> </div> I couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

Using Disqus, how to stop storing comments in wp database?

I’m using disqus comments system, but it keeps storing the comments in the wordpress database as well. Is there way to disable option to store comments in wordpress database because I don’t see any use of it.

How to auto-approve internal pingbacks?

Whenever I write a post on my blog and link to a previous post, that pingback shows up as a comment needing to be approved. I am running Disqus, but this was happening even pre-use of that plugin. What is the fix for this behavior?

How to add Disqus comment count

I must be blind but I can’t find for the life of me the full instructions for getting Disqus comment count to work. All I want displayed is just the comment count number. I’ve checked the “Output JavaScript in footer” option. I have custom loops but I have no idea what I supposed to put […]