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WordPress 3.1 and Disqus throws Warning: number_format() error in Posts List

After upgrading to WordPress 3.1, the comment count for each post in the Posts list now shows the PHP error Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 155. This problem is definitely related to the Disqus comments plugin, which I suspect is manipulating the comments count. I see […]

Is it possible to change the CSS rules for Disqus comments?

I have tried everything I could come up with, including using the ‘!important’ attribute, but have not been able to change the CSS for the Disqus comments on my site. Their CSS not only originates from a file on their website, but I think the comments are in an iframe or something, which would explain […]

How to enable Disqus comments in a WordPress theme I'm creating from scratch?

I’ve installed the Disqus comments plugin, and I see that it works fine with ‘off-the-shelf’ themes. However, I’m creating my very own custom theme, and Disqus doesn’t show up at all in my theme. Maybe that’s because I’ve not done anything to enable comments in my theme, such as adding comments theme support in my […]

Char limit on custom blog-post form?

I want to setup a simple custom form for users to post, which will automatically: Subscribe user to updates (i.e. moderation approved, comment posted) Enable DISQUS xor IntenseDebate comments Publish to /users-articles/. The form should look something like this: Title: Rich-text post (with char-limit): Tags: Submit (goto login/register if unauthed) Which plugin can I use […]

Disqus deleted comments are syncing with wordpress but active comments do not

And the sync is also not being automatic, I have to go in the Sync Comments option. I’ve tried almost everything and none of them worked. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Disqus Comments: Disqus comments synchronized with wordpress. As you can see, all comments have already been deleted from Disqus and none that […]

Comment section not showing correctly

I’ve followed the instructions of all of the comment plugins I’ve downloaded for example Disqus and Livefyre and they both don’t seem to show up correctly, the styling of the comment section isnt showing, it’s just displaying the comments as plain text. I’ve tried digging for the problem within the settings of the both plugins […]

Sanitize Disqus API results?

Can I trust the results from the Disqus API, not to include evil scripts? Can I find information somewhere. Would you sanitize the JSON data, that is returned? Official answers?

Disqus comments and pingback script – how to change the order?

I am using the “modular demo solution without wp_list_comments()” for showing trackbacks and pingbacks next to Disqus comments. And I would like to know how to change the order of output? With these script, the trackbacks/pingbacks are placed above the comments. I would like to place them below the comments. Can anybody help me with […]

What is the best method for handling comments?

A quick Google search shows a number of different options for comment plugins: Is there a “best” way to handle comments? I realize it will vary from site to site, but I’m looking for the best way to handle them on a “typical” site – no special requirements here. Is it worth using something like […]

How to not load comments form on post preview?

I need a way not to load the comments form when previewing a post, is there a way to achieve this? How? If you need a reason to help: I use disqus and it generates a url for the “discussion” the first time the comment form loads, if this is the preview then it will […]