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Installing other applications alongside WordPress multisite and configuring dns routing

I have configured a subdomain on my server and in DNS at my registrar as I have done many times. I don’t want this particular subdomain to use my multisite WordPress install but all requests are being routed to Can anyone suggest what configuration step I have missed to prevent WordPress from receiving requests […]

DNS – Change WordPress Site Name?

I’m about to make a site go live, but I realized that WordPress assigned the website name as the IP address under settings. When I try to change it, the website errors out. When I’ve tried to change the name in the past, it gives an error… so I’ve tried a few tactics documentation has […]

Developing on localhost remove “index.php”

I am trying to develop WordPress on my local Ubuntu laptop. On the remote production and staging servers, I can access a page like this via the browser: On my local machine it is: http://localhost/index.php/somepage/ Most things work fine, because local permalinks just contain the “index.php” part (and I’m not working on code, not […]

Redirecting DNS without breaking everything

I have a wordpress installation at a location in the form: I would like to redirect the DNS such that the address will (always!) appear as I own both domain names. How can I do the redirection without breaking everything?

Moving a website to another domain name?

I currently have a website on a server with a specific domain name. I would like to move it all to a server with another domain name as I have changed my company name. What is the best way of doing this without losing the links (Both internal links and external links going towards […]

Does WordPress Strip Away the WWW from a Web Address

I installed a website and apparently the external DNS all worked fined to access the site: The problem was that internally, when on their network, they couldn’t access the site, which I wasn’t sure why as they kept on getting the error: Could not resolve DNS server. Eventually their network guy came back to […]

WordPress site front page fails to load in IE

Disclaimer: I’m a front-end guy dabbling in back-end work. I have WordPress serving up a company Intranet site on a CentOS VM in a multiple vhost setup (LAMP). It resides at and is only accessible inside our network. The site has been working well in Chrome and Firefox, but for some reason, the front […]

WordPress Multisite + Erros with URLS and ADMIN

Greetings Stackexchange. Recently i have made a new WP site for a client – which is not a multisite. Without my knowlegde their previous site was a multisite. The site i have made is a new edition of their “main branch business”, and the others are “sub business’”. MAIN SITE(Domain main site): www.masterbusiness. SUB SITE: […]

External Domain on WordPress Multisite

I have a new wordpress multisite install. I want to point an external domain to a specific site on this install. I’m using the WP mu domain mapping plugin. I’m hosting on Godaddy cpanel. Things I’ve already done: Pointed an external domain(I own) DNS to this site Added sunrise.php to my root Setup WP multisite […]

The easiest way to migrate a wordpress website across servers

Having practised mirroring an existing wordpress site, I’m ready to migrate my website to a new server. Having simplified the steps necessary to do this, I’m hoping the following will work without having to change any database entries or WordPress files. The domain name will stay the same, only the host will change. 1) Backup […]