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CNAME site attempts to load files over HTTP instead of HTTPS

The main site loads fine. We have a CNAME pointing from the above domain to the following domain, however, the page source shows HTTP for all the asset files. Even the Google Font which is hard coded as HTTPs //,700,400italic,700italic is loaded over HTTP, why is that?

How to test drive WordPress on VPS with LEMP stack before going live?

I have up and running on a VPS droplet running Ubuntu 16.04. The website was built with WordPress on LEMP stack (Linux EngineX MySql and PHP) which was done using EeasyEngine. EasyEngine would install the LEMP stack automatically. Suppose I want to experiment with in another location and replace the old live […]

Use single-site install and map entities to subdomains

Not sure if this is a pipe-dream, but I am interested in the URL rewriting capabilities (and DNS mapping) of a single-site WordPress install. Typically in a WordPress MU setup, we’d use WordPress Mu Domain Mapping to map new sites/installs to a domain/CNAME. What I’d be after is if it’s possible to map a single-entity, […]

Alias domain to Multi-site installation in Apache

This is regarding to set an Alias domain to Multi-site installation. We want to create a short domain as alias to my main website(Multi-Site enabled).I have tried it using a most common options like… 1)Creating cname records, 2)pointing to main installation location as addon domain 3)Domain parking When we try the first two options it […]

Timeout While Upgrading Network in Multi-site

I updated from 3.8 to 3.8.1 on a Multi-site setup. The initial upgrade was fine. When I clicked “Upgrade Network” … It fails after some time and prompts me with: Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: Operation timed out after 120000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received. […]

Website redirecting to old domain name

I was developing website on on a separate server. Meanwhile, the working server was at GoDaddy. The WordPress website was working fine on both servers. But then I changed the registrar and decided to change the WordPress on to inside of the wp-config.php. If I’m entering – it opens without […]

WP Multisite development with Mamp Pro and wildcard subdomains, not really working for me

I´m trying to set up a local development environment for me to work on a WordPress multisite that I´m building. I use Mamp Pro with default ports (Apache: 80, MySQL: 3306), and I also added a new host with the same domain name as the page will have when going live. So, now when I […]

How do you seamlessly switch hosting?

I recently switched a WP site from shared hosting to a VPS and would like to document the process here.

Setting up a wordpress network with third level domains

I’ve been looking into setting up a WordPress network install. Everything has been going pretty smoothly until I get to the point where my desired domain layout doesn’t fit well. I would like to have a layout as follows: blog.* so for example, I would like to have multiple sites in a network that look […]