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Run WP-CLI using PHP

I’ve installed WP-CLI on the Mac and my next step is to execute WP-CLI commands using PHP script. I’ve tried to implement it the following way but I do not see anything happening. Can someone please look at my code and tell me that what I’m doing wrong? I’m using Docker and have WP installed […]

WP in Docker – cannot install plugin or upgrade WP

For development purpose, I need to setup an installation of WordPress in a docker container. I found and follow this tutorial. Everything is working well, with all the security and optimisation. But the tutorial is based on WordPress 4.5.2. And when everything is setup I cannot upgrade WordPress because of some permission denied. Of course […]

WordPress development using Docker – how to share directories?

I normally use vagrant (VVV or bedrock flavours) for local WordPress development. But I want to learn how to use Docker. I’ve installed it with Boot2Docker, ran Docker and learned how to pull images or even start a Nginx WordPress container which successfully responded on my local host machine via http. The docs from Docker […]

Implement ssl to a WP docker container

I was able to setup a WordPress containerised app using the docker-compose.yml file below and it is working fine: wp1: image: wordpress links: – db:mysql ports: – 9001:80 environment: WORDPRESS_DB_NAME: mysql_db1 db: image: mariadb environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: password phpmyadmin: image: corbinu/docker-phpmyadmin links: – db:mysql ports: – 8000:80 I also installed lets-encrypt and was able to make […]