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IP addresses to block to stop WP auto-update?

I am trying to run WordPress 4.7.0 inside a docker container but the auto-update pushes me to 4.7.3. Now, I am aware that to stop auto updates I’d need to append the wp-config.php file in the back-end, but to do that, i’d need to mount the container and the directory where wp-config.php resides, but I […]

Install with docker – can't access port

I put this question on the forum a few hours ago, but have just discovered this stackexchange sub and expect I’ll get a better response from you fine folk. I’m attempting to install wordpress with docker-toolbox using this guide. I get to the stage where both the mysql and wordpress containers are running, with […]

Debugging high CPU usage during periods of inactivity

I’m running WordPress within Docker containers and seeing high CPU usage (40%+) at recurring intervals for about a couple hours. This is a very simple site with very little plugins and minimal CRON jobs. Note that the high load don’t relate to traffic and don’t necessarily occur at times where CRON jobs are scheduled to […]

WordPress Permissions on my Local with Docker

I’m using docker and docker compose to install WordPress on my localhost and everything is working fine however i’m having problems when uploading new media and installing themes, new plugins e.t.c. The message “Could not create directory” appears when i want to install a new plugin. With extensive research i have tried many options to […]

Multiple WordPress sites with docker

I want to host multiple independent wordpress sites (4-10) on a rootserver. I want to host them using docker containers. Now the Q: Is it better to run ONE mysqldb running all wordpress schemes for the multiple sites, or is ist better to run one mysql instance per wordpress. Thank you. N.

Run WP-CLI using PHP

I’ve installed WP-CLI on the Mac and my next step is to execute WP-CLI commands using PHP script. I’ve tried to implement it the following way but I do not see anything happening. Can someone please look at my code and tell me that what I’m doing wrong? I’m using Docker and have WP installed […]

WP in Docker – cannot install plugin or upgrade WP

For development purpose, I need to setup an installation of WordPress in a docker container. I found and follow this tutorial. Everything is working well, with all the security and optimisation. But the tutorial is based on WordPress 4.5.2. And when everything is setup I cannot upgrade WordPress because of some permission denied. Of course […]

WordPress development using Docker – how to share directories?

I normally use vagrant (VVV or bedrock flavours) for local WordPress development. But I want to learn how to use Docker. I’ve installed it with Boot2Docker, ran Docker and learned how to pull images or even start a Nginx WordPress container which successfully responded on my local host machine via http. The docs from Docker […]

Implement ssl to a WP docker container

I was able to setup a WordPress containerised app using the docker-compose.yml file below and it is working fine: wp1: image: wordpress links: – db:mysql ports: – 9001:80 environment: WORDPRESS_DB_NAME: mysql_db1 db: image: mariadb environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: password phpmyadmin: image: corbinu/docker-phpmyadmin links: – db:mysql ports: – 8000:80 I also installed lets-encrypt and was able to make […]