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How to view WordPress' default category IDs?

It seems that WordPress has default categories with default (and unchangeable) IDs. For example, the uncategorized category seems to always have an id of 1. Is this always the case? Is there any official documentation for this (and other default category IDs)? Question (big picture) How to view a list of these default categories and […]

Mutliple users editing single document in wordspress

My team is working on wordpress for documentation purpose. No I want to create a document with multiple chapters and different team members should edit different chapters. One chapter opened by one team member should be locked for others. In short I want multiple users to work on a single document simultaneously. Is this possible […]

Private pdf files

I would like to give access some private pdf files to only logged in users. I have this in my htaccess: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} ^.*(pdf)$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*wordpress_logged_in.*$ [NC] RewriteRule . – [R=403,L] But I want to restrict access only documents .pdf with name starts with “private_”. Example: private_document1.pdf and private_document2.pdf only have to be accessible […]

Are the default entries for a user in wp_usermeta documented?

On a fresh vanilla install of wordpress users have default entries like nickename, first_name, last_name and so forth in wp_usermeta. I’m not sure if that changes often or at all but I can’t seem to find any documentation what the default entries are. I would have expected it here: Is the default set documented […]

Do define() statements need phpDocumentor-style docblocks?

There’s no word on this in the WordPress Documentation Standards, but do define() statements need phpDocumentor-style docblocks? /** * Should this docblock be here? * * @since 1.0.0 */ define( ‘MY_CONST’, ‘Hello’ ); // Or would a comment be more appropriate? define( ‘MY_CONST’, ‘Hello’ ); For reference, the list of elements to be dockblock’d that […]

wp_nav_menu $theme_location parameter ignored

This is the first paragraph of the documentation of the function wp nav menu: Given a theme_location parameter, the function displays the menu assigned to that location, or nothing if no such location exists or no menu is assigned to it. However, I am providing a theme_location that I have not registered, and in spite […]

Codex Version Focus on Production or Nightly?

The function get_users_of_blog() is to be deprecated in WP 3.1.0 but the current production release is 3.0.5. Does it make since to have the documentation reflect a nightly change when the production version of get_users_of_blog() is still the primary function used to fetch a list of users? Or is it fine so long as the […]

Will php documentation conflict with wordpress documentation?

Hi I have a php script that makes liberal use of /* */ // my question is will that conflict with wordpress since the wordpress engine often reads variables inside those things? The reason I ask is that to make a custom template, you just modify some text inside the documentation in the first part […]

How to submit documentation with plugin

When I submit a plugin to the wordpress public repo, how am I supposed to submit documentation? What is considered standard or good practice? Should I just have all documentation on the be page that the plugin is mirrored on, or should I also include a readme of sorts? I know when submitting to CodeCanyon, […]

Plugin developer automated documentation

I have published a plugin which provides a nice extensibility. Now, I want to provide my users an automated PHP Documentation which describes the API Functions, Filters and Actions like this page here: so they can create their own Add-On for the plugin. Now, for example here is a custom action: <?php /** * […]