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Rewrite URL in address bar for a specific page

My client has purchased a new “vanity” domain name that they want to use to forward peoplle to a specific page I’ve set up on their wordpress site. I’ve set up web forwarding on the new domain so it’s going to the right page. e.g. now goes to HOWEVER, the client wants the […]

Move domain for WordPress site

Ok, I’m finalising a WordPress site with my my custom theme. The URL is a temporary one provided by the hosting provider, I’ll call it for now. In the ‘General settings’ the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) it says When I want to use do just replace with, […]

Godaddy masked redirection to WordPress blog

I have a WordPress blog hosted on Hostinger, with a free domain. I also have a .com domain from Godaddy. I set up the nameservers and redirected successfully. But when I visit the blog through the .com domain, the browser address changes to the domain, which looks unprofessional (and probably not a good […]

Installing WordPress on Domain AND Subdomain Both

I already have a website @ I’m thinking of converting it to WordPress. At the same time, I’d like to launch a WordPress blog on a subdomain: I’ve read that this can’t be done; you need a separate WordPress installation on a subdomain. However, the posts I read were a few years old, […]

How do I convert my WordPress website to be domain agnostic?

If my website changes domain or protocol, the entire code base does not have to be updated. That is my desired result. More specifically, I want to add a php function to my child theme to convert all http requests to https automatically. I was given some docs to get started but I realize I […]

How Can I Change The Name Of My Subdomain in WordPress Multisite

I would like to change my wordpress multisite (main domain and subdomain) subdomain from to I have created the new subdomain in cpanel and believed that all I needed to do was copy the files from the current subdomain folder to the new subdomain folder. However, the files for my current subdomain are […]

Automatically generator a WordPress installation on my subdomain

i am currently working on a project which i hope will result in a e-commerce platform as Shopify. The reason im building this project, are so my customers are able to pay monthly for day WordPress site. To the question, how can i make it possible to automatically generate a WordPress installation, when my customers […]

Use of domain name

You may have to excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge, I am totally new to WP. I need a new website, and I went to Register365 and bought my domain name. I had intended to use their “build your own website” service, and that they would host it. However, I find they could not […]

Multisite configuration for multiple domains

I have a multisite installation running fine with two sites. I can access both of them with no problems using the urls and The problem is that I need to configure my site1 to be accessed from an url of another domain, ex: How can I achieve this? I changed my site’s […]

Proper approach to moving complete site from one domain to another AND preserve widgets

I consider myself fairly versed in this matter, however I’ve recently had a rash of issues when moving sites. I am able to successfully move the site, edit wp-config.php, move the database, etc. Once I’ve moved the database, I then execute these queries: UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, ‘’, ‘’); UPDATE wp_posts SET guid […]