Articles of domain mapping

Accessing WordPress installation in its own directory at domain root

I am using this tutorial Giving WordPress Its Own Directory to launch a WordPress (installed in a sub folder called wordpress) by using instead of It says to copy index.php to your root folder and change the relative path to wp-blog-header.php accordingly. However, my folder structure is a little complex: To access site […]

sunrise.php for multi-network install of domain mapping plugin

Currently using the WP-mu-domain-mapping plugin on a multi-network installation. The domain mapping works fine with the provided sunrise.php file, however it breaks (sites no longer map correctly) when I move the plugin to our mu-plugins directory. I’ve tried the following, but it doesn’t work. <?php $sunrises = array( “dm_sunrise” => dirname( __FILE__ ) . “/mu-plugins/domain-mapping/inc/sunrise.php” […]

WP MU – Accessing 'Domain-Mapped' WP-Admin with a subdomain

After mapping the domains to each WP MU blog I’m having to separately login to each of the blogs and from what I’ve read online it’s not possible or not secure to keep a user logged in on different domains if you’re using cookies. Is it possible to still have each WP blog mapped ( […]

Insights into WordPress Multi-Site, Domain Mapped, and Multilanguage site using WPML

I have a project with WordPress for a multi-language, multi-country site. I want to have a structure like: I was wondering if anyone had any useful articles, tips or insights. The idea is that the .com site be the ‘parent’ site. The other satellite sites […]

WordPress multisite with multiple parent domains

I know that I can map multiple domains to individual blogs through plugins. But is it possible to configure WordPress multisite to have more than one parent domain? Ie., a user wants to create a blog. We use the standard form for that, but apart from choosing their own subdomain, I’d like to be able […]

One WordPress Install, Two Categories. Each Category Gets a Domain

Ok here is a setup I am aiming for, hopefully someone knows how to get me there: One WordPress Install on will be a landing page that points to two Category links: Work, Play Work Category defaults to domain Play Category defaults to Any other WordPress Pages will maintain as […]

Need ideas for HTTPS multiple domain solution

I’m developing a WordPress site that runs on multiple domains (not WordPress MU). The two domains are served from the same codebase and I have written a plugin that successfully switches themes based on the URL. This site has a donation form that uses HTTPS (currently using the WordPress HTTPS plugin). However, WordPress HTTPS only […]

How to let a single post have its own domain name

I am not sure which solution here would work best as a solution but what I am looking for is just a simple way to enter an optional domain through a metabox on the page edit screen and then just select a template from the default page templates wordpress uses. I am assuming there must […]

Multiple domains with different child themes on one installation?

Is it possible to have multiple domains (each with unique child theme) on one installation? I’m aware of WordPress’s new feature called “Network”, which allows you to have one installation for multiple sites. Ideally each site will have it’s own child theme, or something similar.

How do I park on top of the multisite ID:1 domain: (primary multisite domain)

We have a multisite setup, the primary domain needs to have, and mapped in wordpress so the primary site’s content loads on both. The problem we are facing is doesn’t work. always ends up at: The headers returned from the server are as follows: Status: HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily Date: […]