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Custom Search for Drafts in Custom Post Type

Is it possible to create a search page that will search for a keyword only in a custom post type that has the status “draft?” Basically, I have a lot of data I was planning on importing as a custom post type. The data would be simple, “name”, “answer”, “notes.” However, I don’t want this […]

Can we have private drafts?

As per the documentation, Draft and Private are two mutually exclusive post statuses. Therefore, when you mark a draft post as Private, it is no longer a draft. We are a big team making extensive use of private posts. Therefore, we would like to mark a draft as private (an unfinished post that will be […]

Preview Post/Custom Post types in Archive

I have a few custom post types on my website. One of these is a front page slider. I add some text, images, links and as soon as I publish the CPT appears as a slide and I’m a happy camper. The problem is when I need to preview the slide before it is live. […]

Can I set a timer for pages to be published?

I have a page that’s in draft mode right now because I want to publish this on a particular day (sometime this week). Is there a way that I can set a timer/countdown for this page to automatically be published on a day that I choose? I don’t want to manually publish this page as […]

I can't preview post's change once they are published

The preview function works fine when posts are just draft. The url looks like this : Then when I pubish my posts, let’s say I want to change something and preview it, the url looks like this : The problem is it does reflect any changes … I use WordPress 3.9.2 running Twenty […]

Post Auto Draft Issue

I’ve made custom post type without title and editor and I use custom taxonomies, custom fields and attachments to form a post. My title is generated from custom taxonomies and custom fields (or “ID #” if nothing else is set). Here’s title code (could use some polishing probably): function custom_post_type_title ( $post_id ) { global […]

Create front end link to save post (or unpublish post) as draft

I have created a front-end posting and dashboard system for my users to add and edit their own posts. In the dashboard area, I have a list of their posts and the following options for each post: View | Edit | Publish/Un-Publish | Delete I have all of these links working except for the “un-publish” […]

Don't post or draft if post already exists

I’ve got a problem. I don’t want duplicate posts. Any way to check if a post already exists and if it does just set the new one to draft? I am using IFTTT to update my blog and sometimes it posts multiple times.

How to disable drafts?

Using WordPress 3.1 is it possible to completely disable the drafts functionality or at least remove the “Save Draft” button from the post screen?

Check if post is in draft or pending review?

Each of our posts are reviews for individual games and we occasionally have to ‘pause’ the game by changing it from published to pending review. The problem is if the page is indexed by search engines, anyone trying to visit the link will get a 404, which is obviously not desired. I’d like to instead […]