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How to create drop down for child categories of current taxonomy being viewed?

I need to know how can I get the child/grandchild terms of the current taxonomy being viewed, and put it into a drop down so that I can add values to the options. I am currently using this code to display exactly what I want, but I am unable to modify the options in the […]

How to adjust code to refresh a dropdown box with tags that are active on filtered category listing

I have multiple custom tags setup (ptags) and custom posttypes (products) and made it so i can filters posts by multiple tags in a category. Currently the code retrieves tags from posts relating to the active category (pcategory) I have dropdown boxes from general to specific e.g.: <BRAND> <TYPE> <SIZE> When a visitor selects an […]

create drop down menu in theme customizer from custom db

what i am trying to do is create drop down menu in theme customizer from custom db i have created. db name “students”. in the db i have only the id and the name. i want to show all students names in the drop down menu. and when the user will choose some of the […]

Removing filter dropdown in posts table (in this case Yoast SEO)

I don’t need Yoast SEO meta box for one post type so I removed it with remove_meta_box(). Removed unneeded columns in post table by unsetting columns with manage_edit-custom_post_columns, but drop down is still left. Is there way to remove it? Of course it is not that hard to do with jQuery, but maybe there is […]

Our shortcode dropdown box in Tinymce is not working in WordPress 3.9?

Hi since the new version is about to be released I thought I would download it and see if my theme works still. Everything works great apart from the dropdown box which is now longer showing. Here is the codes we used to show it in previous versions. PHP CODE: function register_ppp_shortcodes( $buttons ) { […]

How WordPress manages nested dropdown?

I made a hierarchical CPT, so it involves various depths. I need to make a dropdown, and I found wp_dropdown_pages(). But for some reasons, at last I made my own dropdown querying get_pages() and using foreach loop. But then I see that, using wp_dropdown_pages() I can have a nice, nested dropdown. I inspected the dropdown, […]

I want to loop through Woocommerce Product Catogories and show them in dropdown

I want to loop through Woocommerce Product Catogories and show them in dropdown. I have tried almost every piece of code available on internet but seems that they are not working for me. I’m very new in wordpress. Can anyone help me out? Currently i’m using this code but it’s not returning anything. <?php $taxonomy […]

Add submenu using the bootstrap wp_nav_menu

I have a problem to generate a submenu using wp_nav_menu . How can I change the ClassA submenu generated by the wp_nav_menu for ClassA the Bootstrap ? see my problem: This is my code that generates the menu: <nav class=”row menu”> <?php wp_nav_menu( array( ‘theme_location’ => ‘category-menu’, ‘container’ => ”, ‘container_class’ => ”, ‘container_id’ => […]

How to add country drop down menu to the user profile?

I’ve added this code snippet to my functions.php function my_new_contactmethods( $contactmethods ) { $contactmethods[‘country’] = ‘country’; return $contactmethods; } add_filter(‘user_contactmethods’,’my_new_contactmethods’,10,1); It works perfactly as I wanted. It show an extra field to fill up user country on user backend profile. But it just a text field. Actually I want to show this field as a […]

WordPress bootstrap menue with 3. level

I’m using bootstrap 3 and a navbar as navigation. I have found this Code to create the menu, works like a charm: But for now this code don’t provide 3. level items. I found this page to display the 3. level: Can you help me to figure out the php part to show […]