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Create a regular post for every WooCommerce order

I’m trying to make a post, which will list product meta(every order will have only one product) and on that post I want to make visible product variations. So the link will be generated and sent to users mail (I have an idea of sending that email). So whenever the order is created, I need […]

Change WooCommerce add_to_cart Button Text?

I am trying to change the add_to_cart button text for all products based on category. For category ‘course’ with ID 330, I would like the button to read ‘Register’. For all other products, I would like it to read ‘Buy Now’. Here is what I have thus far in my functions.php: add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text’, ‘custom_cat_add_to_cart_text’ ); […]

How to show Best Selling WP E-Commerce Products

I’m trying (but failing) to create ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘New Releases’ pages for my website. I’m using WP-Ecommerce 3.8.4 with WP 3.1.3 and I’ve gotten close but can’t seem to get it right. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated… I’ve added the following code to wp-ecommerce>wpsc-includes>product-template.php (original code from here): //Popular products function […]

Display specific widgets in different area's around the page

I’ve installed the Jigoshop plugin to create an e-commerce site. It has several built in widgets that I want to use. Is it possible to pull out specific widgets and display them within a page template? Within Jigoshop it’s specifically the cart, product search and layered nav. I don’t just want to display them one […]

Could WordPress be used/extended as a medium-size ecommerce site?

Is wordpress reliable enough and could it be used with a proper plugin as a medium sized ecommerce site? We are talking around 1500 products here, estimates say around 5 to 10 costumers per day, usually returning ones. Some days none. I have a client who wants to sell online. We are situated in a […]

ecommerce plugin with “buy for a friend” feature

Does anyone know about any ecommerce plugin with a feature to send the purchase to a friend? I need that feature but I cannot find any around. I would appreciate any information on this.

wp e-commerce – theme problem – why won't it load wpsc-single_product.php?

This is so frustrating! The theme i made myself works fine with wp-e-commerce (getshopped) plugin, but for some reason it won’t load wpsc-single_product.php when i view a single product. When i change theme to twenty ten it works fine, so i’m positive that it has SOMETHING to do with my theme – But what? what […]

Transferring data to the end of a transaction with the Shopp Plugin

I’m using the Shopp Plugin, and basically, I need to send an email to a unique email address field that I’ve created on the front end. The transaction has to complete fully before sending it. I mean, money has to have been transferred successfully, etc. I’ve attached the fields to a particular set of products, […]

WordPress User Post Products

I want to build a website for a project with the following requirements: Any user can register They can post product by selecting a category, tags and uploading pictures Users can comment on the products Users can rate a product Users can view all products they posted, edit or remove the product Do you have […]

Adjust Price Display for Variable Product in Woocommerce

I want to adjust the price display for a variable product so that instead displaying as something like “$10.00-$12.00” it will display as “$10.00 or $12.00” — essentially replacing the ndash with an “or”. How would I go about doing this?