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Is it possible to disable the image alignment options in the post editor?

By default, when you insert an image into a post, it has some image alignment options (see below). In my theme I want every image to be full width. Of course, it’s easy for me to change the front-end display of the images. But–in terms of usability–I don’t want to cause the user to think […]

frontend 3 step post add/editor for custom post type

OK i have project its like i have custom post type call “biz” with two custom Taxonomies called “city” and “category” every category has a different field and different fee for promote the client wants a dashboard for user to see/promote/add/edit there own post in biz post type is there a way for user […]

Add WordPress Core CSS into editor-style.css

I am using a custom child theme (from Parabola, Cryout Creations, lastest version), but it seems that the editor-style.css file is not up-to-date. Rather than rewriting everything, I would like it to contain every css used on the front-end, so TinyMCE looks as close as the published page/article (this is important). In order to do […]

Re-Edit Content with DoubleClick in the editor

I created a plugin for WordPress. It opens a dialog box with an input field to fill, and then it creates a div with the contents of the field. Once the div was created in the editor, I would like to be able to doubleclick on this div and open the dialog box again. How […]

Publish, Save Draft and Preview buttons do not work after being moved with jQuery

I’m trying to change the layout of the post-new.php page and as part of this I would like the publish, save draft and preview buttons below the form rather than to the right. So in my plugin js file I’m using jQuery.append() to move them into a custom that sits below the main . I’m […]

Feauterd image meta box not showing up

I Updated my wordpress from 4.6 to 4.7.2 last night and now i can see that in the post editor in admin panel there is no meta box for selecting the featured images. I also did some editing on the default different image size generation in the settings in here: I set the meduim and […]

How to add a media button for users who without the `upload_files` capability?

My plugin add a media button with with this line. add_action( ‘media_buttons’, ‘arve_add_media_button’, 11 ); There is a button created that works well. It has been brought to my attention that the media buttons are removed if the user has no upload_files capability. (checked it with the default contributer role and just assume its true) […]

remove public static function wp_link_dialog()

How can remove public static function wp_link_dialog() from class-wp-editor.php by adding a code inside function.php of my theme? My theme use WordPress editor at the frontend of the site and this code is added to the page source of my site and causes many of issues for me. The problem that if I removed it […]

Inserting javascript file into theme template?

Is there any way to insert an existing .js file into a themes editor in the appearances section? So that you can click on it and edit it like you can a PHP file or the CSS file, I haven’t been able to find a way yet from searching.

How to use the new wordpress editor on a self hosted site

I have semi recently switched to a self hosted site, however, I really prefer the new editor but it doesn’t seem to work on my self hosted site. Is there a way to use this?