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Visual / HTML tabs vanished on editor

The Visual / HTML tabs have vanished on the editor on posts and pages. I’m not sure when this happened, but I’ve tried deactivating my plugins with no joy. Any ideas? Thanks, Lucy

Good tutorial on how to make custom write panels in WordPress 3?

On my last WordPress 3 projects I successfully used custom post types and taxonomies coding the implementation by myself. As regards to custom write panels, I always used the more fields plugin without any problem. Now I am developing a whole new theme which needs to be totally independent from that plugin therefore I need […]

HTML tags in WordPress image caption

I’m developing a client website with WordPress (3.3) but have found that the image caption feature strips out any HTML tags. The resulting caption is plain text which makes proper image crediting difficult. Also being a client website, WYSIWYG editing is required. For example if my shortcode is: The tags are stripped from the caption […]

Float images in content

This is not a programming question. I have the problem to update the content in my WordPress blog. I’m very aware this problem can be solved by html modification. But my client doesn’t know about html.So i need to give him relevant solution. My Problem :- I want to show my content as below screen. […]

How to get Text Selection in WordPress Editor

I want something like if I select any word in WordPress Visual Editor, it will get replaced with my own text. Actually Visual Editor is an iFrame. We can do this thing in textarea, but how can we implement this in iFrame (WordPress Visual Editor)? Any help would be appreciated.

How do you remove plugin edit option?

I would like to remove the edit option for all plugins on a wordpress site. Is there a hook/filter for doing this? It would be preferred to do it from the theme’s functions file, rather than try to disable it within each plugin. Ideally, it could be removed for users without admin privileges, but that […]

TinyMCE editor – new lines not rendered on front end

I’ve been working with a plugin making various tweaks and adding additional functionality. It uses custom post type to create a page with an associated download. In the admin area which allows you to create these new downloads, there is a box which allows you to add/edit a description for the download. This serves as […]

Adding Content Areas to Custom Page Template

I am not sure how to ask this, which is why I have been having trouble finding anything via google searches. I am hoping someone here will understand what I am looking for and be able to direct me to information about how to implement it. I am working on a custom theme. What I […]

unregister_sidebar() in stand-alone theme not working

With this StackOverflow Q&A I can’t make the unregister_sidebar() work for me. Scenario I have developed a theme using a sidebar area, where I’ve used a Widget. But I don’t want the ‘Editor’ to get access to this Sidebar Widgetized Area in Admin area. So I want to do a tweak in my theme’s functions.php, […]

Text cut off on save

I am using WP 3.4. My problem occurs when I attempt to copy and paste anything into the post or page editor of WordPress. The situation arises every time I save or attempt to preview the post. The post gets truncated and about 65% of the text gets chopped off the end of the post. […]