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wp_insert_user – how to send verification email before logging in

Using below code, I am able to create an user. But when I am login, the user is directly logging in to dashboard and there is no email sent to verify the email address. Is there any way to send verification email once the wp_insert_user function is called and the user has to confirm his […]

WordPress Add New User – Send an Activation Email

I edited the Add New User Profile page to add some custom fields (I’m not using multisite). My question is if there is a way to send out an activation/confirmation email to new users once I manually add them in? Thanks!

How to use same email for multiple users in Multisite version 4.7

I tried the code listed in this answer, and this allowed me to create 2 users with the same email address, but not a third. add_filter(‘wpmu_validate_user_signup’, ‘skip_email_exist’); function skip_email_exist($result){ if(isset($result[‘errors’]->errors[‘user_email’]) && ($key = array_search(__(‘Sorry, that email address is already used!’), $result[‘errors’]->errors[‘user_email’])) !== false) { unset($result[‘errors’]->errors[‘user_email’][$key]); if (empty($result[‘errors’]->errors[‘user_email’])) unset($result[‘errors’]->errors[‘user_email’]); } define( ‘WP_IMPORTING’, ‘SKIP_EMAIL_EXIST’ ); return $result; […]

Validate a users email address when using gmail to register

I’ve only recently found out that when using a gmail account, you can add anything to the part before the @ and after the name and still only use the one email address. Example. myusername (at) gmail dot com myusername+anythingelse (at) gmail dot com Will result emails from both addresses going to the one gmail […]

Give to site admin the option to “skip confirmation email” when adding new user

in wordpress multisite when we give to site admin the option to add new users, site admin dont have the “checkbox” to add the new user without sending the user email with link activation (see the screenshot) how can we add this option to site admin?

How to change email notification for Comments

How do you change the user that gets the notification email announcement for new comments and comment moderation? WordPress sends the notices to the Admin user. My client is the editor of the site. I want the comment notices to get mailed to the editor user and not the admin user. How do you do […]

Mass registrations on my blog. Disable specific domain?

Since few days, every several minutes I get on my mailbox information about new user. I don’t know what is the main purpose for that but I assume someone is checking something on my site and it not anything good. Is it anyhow possible to disable specific domain while user is filling email field? Should […]

How can I be certain that a user has verified their email after registration?

I’m working on a plugin that uses WordPress as the Single Sign On provider for another application. I need to be certain that the user has verified their email address by replying to the email sent out by wp_new_user_notification(). So far the best approach I have found is to hook into the after_password_reset action and […]