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use of <svg> tag into wordpress

Hi i’m trying to upload a svg map to my wordpress website. I fixed all to be able to upload svg trough the media gallery but then when i try to write the tag into the page it won’t recognize it. I can only use it embedding it into a tag… but i can’t do […]

oEmbded with wp_insert_post()

I try to add articles via wp_insert_post but as it seems the oEmbed function of WordPress doesn’t work properly. I work with embedly as you can embed any website. I realized that the oEmbed functionallity is triggered after saving the post in the WordPress-Backend. Can i trigger the Embed somehow programmaticly? Wrap the URL with […]

Soundcloud Smart Player

I have a lyrics website on WordPress with thousands of lyrics, and I am looking to embed a player on each one. But I have realised it would be tedious and time consuming to do that. How would I display a dynamic audio player that would find and play a track (using the current post […]

iframe with Youtube video appears for logged-in users, but not for incognito users

I have a YouTube video on a site’s homepage, but when viewing the site as an unknown / non-logged-in user, it’s NOT showing up at all. And when viewing in admin / a logged-in WP user of the site, it DOES show up. What could be causing this? Other than using some 3rd party theme […]

Setting up a HIPAA secured form / file upload

One of my clients from the Healthcare industry wants to enable customers to upload pdf in a way that would maintain HIPPA compliance. The price of third party solutions for this vary widely but my main concern is – assuming our website is protected by a EV SSL, and the form / file upload solution […]

Why is my get_post_meta not properly calling the custom field when attempting to embed a YouTube video?

I have added a custom field to 2 posts in order for a non-developer to be able to post a video link from YouTube, and put the embed id in a custom field to be called by the code below. But when I tried to execute it I get “An error occurred, please try again […]

Removing WordPress Icon from oembed link footer

I am trying to remove the default WordPress icon that displays on oembed links when there is no site icon. Here is a link to the site(3 links at the bottom) I have tried altering the code from the embed_site_title_html function and adding it to my theme’s functions.php file. This is how I added […]

How can I embed an Excel spreadsheet that allows users to edit certain fields, but is still “read-only”

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I want to display on my blog. The spreadsheet is a basically a moderately complex formula, with highlighting rules, that I want to allow the user to enter values into certain cells, and be able to see the “analysis” based upon their entries. I don’t want to save their […]

YouTube embeded video will not resize (only full screen responsive)

I am running Headway theme in the latest version of WP. I embed the code below although it ignores the youtube embed size and renders full width on the front end. Code:

wp_embed_register_handler is not working

I used this function for other video hosts, but for some reason, now it’s not working. This is the direct and embed code of the video <IFRAME SRC=”” FRAMEBORDER=0 MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 SCROLLING=NO WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=360 allowfullscreen></IFRAME> and this is my registration function. add_action( ‘init’, function() { wp_embed_register_handler( ‘vidoza’, ‘#https://vidoza\.net/([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)$#i’, ‘vidoza_embed_handler’ ); } ); function vidoza_embed_handler( […]