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Question mark on special chars

Yesterday i was working on a file when notepad++ crashed. I then went in the backup folder of the program to restore the file. After the restoration, special chars (such as € or accented letters) are displayed as a question mark in a black diamod. What is strange is that this happen only in this […]

Function to replace comment's accented characters before posting

I have some weird problems with encoding my WordPress website and I can’t add comments with accent words. when i try to do it, i received error by WP. What i need is just a function that read the comment before it has inserted and transforms all the accented characters with normal characters with no […]

WordPress doesn't display accents after migration

I know this is a common question, but I’ve searched a lot and only experience this since a few months, without knowing what’s causing this issue of course, maybe since a WordPress update. This is now happening each time I move a WP installation to another server. My procedure : Export DB from dev site. […]

Problems character encoding for pages in multiple languages

I have a site that is in English but has a lot of German and Spanish names in it. Originally I was using UTF8, but that gave me problems with some of the German special characters. So I switched to: ISO 8859, but then the german characters were fixed but it broke all the Spanish […]

Outputting post title without encoding

I’m setting up a way to feed the title of a WP post as the title argument for a reddit button. It works fine unless there is an encoded character in the string: apostrophe’s break things. …Which results in reddit double encoding the ampersand: apostrophe’s break things. I’ve tried the functions the_title_attribute(), the_title(), html_entity_decode(), and […]

encoded search terms with %20

<form class=”search-form” action=”<?php echo home_url( ‘/suche/’ ); ?>” method=”get”> <input type=”text” name=”s” class=”s” value=”<?php the_search_query(); ?>” /> this is in my searchform.php template. Any ideas why when searching for e.g. “Graphic Design” it searches for “Cool%20Car” and replaces the space with an encoded %20? This of course doesn’t return any results because there is no […]

Special Character Appearing in my WordPress Pages Content

Can somebody please assist as to why I am getting the following special character � in my WordPress content pages. Not sure how it got in there. You can see this special character at this url: PPS Victoria and then just scroll down to “Restoration and Recovery Services” sub-section. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Fix encoding ’

I moved my hosting provider and now the encoding is messed up. See here for example. In the past commenting out the follwoing lines fixed the issue for me, but not this time: //define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’); //define(‘DB_COLLATE’,’utf8_unicode_ci’); The hosting provider is saying I need to set it to the correct encoding rather than just comment it […]

How do I convert a MySQL database from utf8mb4 to utf8 encoding?

What happened: I had my blog hosted on SiteGround and my plan expired. I created a full website backup first which contained all the files including the public_html folder adn the databases associated with my WordPress blog. The issue I’m having now is that I can’t upload my databases on my current host (000WebHost) because […]

Word press replacing unicode characters with “?”s

I’ve noticed that WordPress has recently started replacing any unicode characters I enter with question marks. There are a couple of people who’ve had this issue on the word press forums but no one seems to have an answer to it. Has anyone got a solution to this? I self host wordpress, but I’ve not […]