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Nothing appears using get_the_excerpt() in category.php

Using the category.php template file and I can get all other information about a post except the excerpt or the content. Here’s the code I’m using: $cat = get_queried_object(); $posts = get_posts(array(‘posts_per_page’ => 15, ‘offset’ => 0, ‘category’ => $cat->term_id)); foreach($posts as $post) { $postID = $post->ID; $title = get_the_title($postID); $link = get_permalink($postID); $date = […]

Remove extra excerpt on WordPress post page

Here is the link of the post. The problem is, on the post page, an excerpt of the post is showing below the post itself. I am trying to remove it. But cannot find locate the code. I do not know if this is a snippet or something. Please help.

excerpt custom length not working in new my developing theme

Custom excerpt length not working on custom post-type but same code worked all my previous theme. Here is my code: function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { global $post; if ($post->post_type == ‘portfolio’){ return 10; } } add_filter( ‘excerpt_length’, ‘custom_excerpt_length’, 999 ); I also tried this but no luck. function custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { return 10; } […]

modify text at the bottom of excerpt editor

I use an excerpt in a custom posttype and I would like to add or modify the existing text at the bottom of excerpt editor. I have no ideas ! Can someone help me ? Thanks

Shortcodes are ok in excerpts but not MathJax \$…\$

I have along my search been looking into the long answer on this question: Allow HTML in excerpt and tried to figure out how to allow MathJax plugins (like Simple MathJax and MathJax-LaTex) to render math (latex format) for example written with the dollar symbols $…$ in excerpts of posts. By default, shortcodes are allowed […]

How do I separate the post title from the content in an excerpt coded thus:

We’re using a theme for a client that has programmed in their own excerpt & it’s alright but it doesn’t separate the title from the text in the excerpt itself, which is shown on the blog page. Here’s the code: function tt_excerpt( $id, $length = NULL ) { $length = !empty($length) ? $length : 55; […]

Bug in the_excerpt() function

I am experiencing a really weird issue. The built in function the_excerpt() as soon as the user inserts a custom excerpt form the back end return the excerpt which is produced dynamically by WP without a read more button. If the user does not insert a custom excerpt, the function returns the excerpt along with […]

Modify Ixion Theme to Include Post Excerpt On Main Page

This most likely has a very simple solution. I am building a blog using the Ixion theme. I really like the layout so far, and I’m almost ready to publish. However, the theme is designed to only display post name, post date, and post categories on the front page. I would like to additionally include […]

How to apply filter

I want my excerpt to be shorter than the default 55 characters. So I found this code in the WordPress documentation: /** * Filter the except length to 20 words. * * @param int $length Excerpt length. * @return int (Maybe) modified excerpt length. */ function wpdocs_custom_excerpt_length( $length ) { return 20; } add_filter( ‘excerpt_length’, […]

Category excerpt on custom page

i’m creating a custom page to display loop child category on parte category. I need to display image of category and and excerpt of category. My code is <div class=”bt-category”> <?php if ( is_array( $category_images ) && array_key_exists( $category->cat_ID, $category_images ) ) { $category_image = $category_images[$category->cat_ID] ; if( !empty($category_image) ) { ?> <img style=”max-height: 100px […]