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Moving wordpress site to subpage of another site

So I’m in a scenario where our company has and we acquired an organization who now operates under our name. I would like to move their entire site as a subpage of our site, so and that subpage is their index pages and it goes from there. The acquired companies website is built […]

Is comment metadata included in the export file?

If I would export a WordPress database, posts and comments etc. are saved to an XML file. Would comment metadata be included in this XML file? I.e. the table wp_commentmeta, mentioned here: Here: The WordPress eXtended Rss (WXR) Export/Import, XML Document Format Decoded and Explained I found some info on the export file format, […]

How to add an export function to a custom Option Theme Page

I’m creating a new WordPress template and I have a question: I’ve added a custom Option Page to my new template (you can see what I’m doing Here and Here) but now I would like to add a new function. Do you know Si Contact Form? In this plugin the end user can download a […]

Export entries and multiple custom field meta to .csv?

First time poster. I’m trying to export a bunch of custom posts out to a csv file so I can easily import them into a new database. I’ve ran the native export to xml, but it’s not the correct format I need. I need a column based format (ie. name, height, weight, etc.). I have […]

Migrate WooCommerce Orders

I need to export/import all WooCommerce orders from a clients old website to their new website. We basically took their website, redesigned it but the install and everything is the same – besides there being two versions and both are on different servers. We tried replacing postemta and posts but that messed up EVERYTHING, like […]

Exporting and importing my WordPress database, but none of the plugin settings are importing

I’m dumping my entire WordPress database, changing all necessary references, and then importing it into another domain. Everything works fine, except my plugin settings are not being set in the new domain. Does anyone know if WordPress saves plugin settings locally somewhere? Or a reason why it would activate all the plugins, but not set […]

Import Images from one self-hosted WordPress install to another

I am redeveloping a client’s site and, for a number of reasons, in the process changing hosts. I’m developing it on the new host and to get the site orgainised I have attempted to import all the pages from the old site using the WordPress export/import plugins. During the import I checked the “import images” […]

Export local WP install to live – help needed

This question I’m asking has been asked a thousand different ways, and I refuse to believe I’m the only one with a basic need here so here goes: I’m taking a simple local install and putting it live. I’ve exported before, but it didn’t seem to carry over any categories/settings/authors/etc. HOWEVER, that was almost a […]

Is there a way to export Advanced Custom Fields data?

I’ve entered data into ACF using the ACF Options plugin. Is there a way to export all that data I entered? When I use ACF’s built in exporter, it only exports the structure. Maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Export wordpress table to excel

I have created PHP scripts before to export a database table to .xls format like this: $select = “SELECT * FROM tracking”; $export = mysql_query ( $select ) or die ( “Sql error : ” . mysql_error( ) ); $fields = mysql_num_fields ( $export ); $file = ‘export’; for ( $i = 0; $i < […]