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TCPDF get_post_meta outside the loop

I want to be able to export a html page to PDF. I downloaded TCPDF (mainly because it allows me save High resolution images and shrinks the filesize.) The TCPDF folder is in my theme folder. If a user clicks on a link in a certain page the current page should be saved as a […]

Customizing $product->get_title() function

i’m customizing a popular CSV exporting tool for Woocommerce. I’ve got an issue on extracting names for products. Look at this line of code: $product->name = get_the_title($product->ID); This returns a string like Variation #4923 of ProductName I would like to remove “Variation #Number of ” from every export that i make. I do not want […]

Import subdomain WordPress into main domain WordPress

I have the following setup: two WordPress blogs, one on the main domain, let’s call it and one on a sub-domain After a few years of running these blogs independently I have to merge the sub-domain into the main domain: > Each blog’s database is over 100MB and the sub-domain uploads […]

Export Users From Live Site to Import onto staging

I have a staging site copied from my live site that I’m working on adding some functionality. The problem is that new users are signing up on my live site. Once I’m done fixing the problems on my staging site I will want to make that my live site but want the users list to […]

Which is the correct way to migrate content from single WP to WP multisite

I have an existing and working normal (not multisite) WP installation. Now I’ve created a new WP MultiSite installation and successfully set up 2 independent sites (both empty). Now I would like to clone the content from the old site to one of the site within the new multisite installation. Here is what I’ve done […]

When moving a WordPress installation to a new server, why do I have to update each post before content shows?

The site URL ( hasn’t changed. So I exported the wp_posts table from my old shared hosting server database and imported it into a new WordPress installation on my new dedicated server. I set the permalink structure in the WordPress installation on the new server to be, the same as on the old shared […]

How to export custom post type with ACF to individual file with automation?

I have a custom post type product using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) I would like to schedule a daily cron task automation to export all published posts into post_id.txt, one for each post. I know there are plugins that can export custom post type and ACF to CSV or XML. But my requirement is a […]

Is there an easy way of exporting posts with their category already asigned and pictures from localhost?

Every time I export a database using the Export Tool in wp-admin. There are two things left out: The category ‘checked’ (I have to do that all over again every time I export the posts). Also I can’t download the pictures because I usually work in my localhost. How to export absolutely everything (100%) from […]

Migrating to Tumblr

I’ve become a big fan of Tumblr for a few reasons (the minimalism, ease of making quote/photo/video style posts, and the clients for mobile devices I use), so I’ve decided that after 7 loyal years of using WordPress, both hosted privately and the hosted solution, it’s time to move. Unfortunately I have no idea […]

Not able to export large no. of posts in csv

I have custom post type product like wp ecommerce. There are 30k posts in it. Also have relate custom taxonomy. Basically am trying to export those posts in csv, but query_posts with so many records is giving me trouble… Any tips???